Recommended Vinyl Record Brands

Author: Brian   Date Posted:11 September 2017 

From my own experience I can vouch for the quality of the following brands

MA Recordings, Linn Records, Mobile Fidelity Labs, Stockfisch Records, Opus 3 Records, Reference Recordings, Sheffield Lab..

And one of my customers who is a very experienced collector has recommended ...

Bear Family, Sundazed, Speakers Corner, Music on Vinyl, Vanguard, and Japanese pressings from the 70s - any label.

Further recommendations from customers are ...

One, or possibly the, quality vinyl manufacturer that you did not mention is Quality Record Pressings out of Kansas, USA.  This is part of Chad Kassem’s empire that includes the online retailer Acoustic Sounds, re-issue label Analogue Productions and the relatively recently acquired “The Mastering Lab” established by the late Doug Sax bought as part of his vertical integration strategy.

Also, RTI (Record Technology Inc) out of California aren’t too bad.   

and ..... Rhino


Sony Legacy,  Not Now Music (UK),
Friday Music and  Repertoire (UK).  
Jimi Hendrix Foundation
And of course, Deutsch Grammophon have long been regarded as "the" brand for classical recordings, but I was surprised to hear that World Record Club recordings are also of very high quality.