Finishing Options

In previous years we were able to supply rolls of vinyl wrap for speaker cabinets, but these are no longer available except for one roll of Red Cherry.

Most people achieve an acceptable finish by sanding, then applying an undercoat/sealer, then two coats of satin finish enamel with a roller.

Grille Cloth - Black  1m x 1.5m piece

Grille Cloth - Black 1m x 1.5m piece

100% acoustically transparent

$17.60 GCBK1

Grille Cloth - Brown  (per yard)

Grille Cloth - Brown (per yard)

100% acoustically transparent

$27.50 GCBN

Grille Cloth - Grey  (per yard)

Grille Cloth - Grey (per yard)

100% acoustically transparent

$27.50 GCGY