We are always grateful when customers take the time to provide feedback on our products and service. Here's a few recent messages.

This week I purchased via the Decibel hi fi website a couple of service items for my Linn LP12 turntable and the experience was excellent. Brian Maddern was attentive to emails and answering precise questions. Price was very competitive and the delivery service was good,  great to have a superlative dealer supporting Linn products in Australia. 5 ***** tick ! ( Steve - NSW audiophile)

Hi Brian - all I can say is WOW, the difference with this cartridge and some reasonable leads is just amazing. Thanks heaps - it has been worth every cent!! Mike

(I recommended an Audio Technica AT440Mlb



Hi Brian,

Just wanted to let you know my tonearm arrived safely yesterday afternoon.

Very pleased with the quality of product and your excellent quick service.

Thanks very much. S.W.   WA


Hi Brian, Just a quick note to say thank you for your exceptional service. I ordered the new cartridge and the order was processed the same day and arrived here in WA the next day. I wish every retailer was as professional and helpful as you were. Thanks for your advice on the phone and Decibal Hi Fi will defiantly be my go to store from now on for any of my audio & vinyl needs.

Please feel free to post this on your feedback page. I will be in contact next week re ordering a Record Doctor V cleaning machine.

Regards, Robert Rosso



Just a quick note to say thank for the prompt delivery of my order Miles Davis – Milestones Numbered Limited Edition LP.  I also thought the packing was outstanding. Many thanks again. Lorraine Frost



Hi Brian, 

I received my belt from you today and after watching a few videos successfully installed it! I am happy playing my LPs as I type this. I am a very satisfied customer and will recommend you to all I know. Thanks so much for all of your help. 

Kind regards, Colette



Dear Brian,  Thank you for the prompt and excellent delivery of the Attenuators. They have certainly contained  the beast and it has made a difference and I am still adjusting to this. By the way, the service that you have provided is exemplary and I would be pleased to recommend you to one and all.  

Thank you once again. 

Respectfully Gerald B.



Hi Brian, My order arrived quickly thanks for the quick service. 


Colin Drever


Dear Brian, 

I am very grateful for you sending a replacement and responding and taking action so quickly. My reaction on discovering the breakage was principally one of sadness - It is such a lovely item and perfectly complements the design of the new speakers I bought it for. So this has really put a smile on my face. Top notch customer service! Thank you again, best wishes, Kevin Anslow 



Thanks Brian.Received the sleeves, and they are perfect.Thanks for your prompt service, it is much appreciated.Grant


 Thanks Brian, I've just paid the postage into your Paypal account and thank you for your great service.
Regards, John


 Hi Brian, The vibrapods arrived this morning.Thanks for the fast service, I get to set them up this weekend :)
Regards, Brendan (VIC)


G'day Brian, Thanks for the amazing service. The stylus gauge was in my hands less than 24 hours after your e-mail.

Thanks a lot. 

Regards, G.T.  NSW


Thanks Brian...received my stylus in less than 24 hours !!!!!  Exceptional service.  Cheers G.F. QLD


Brian...Many thanks for your very good service. Unit arrived today. All good and thanks again...Regards  L.M. QLD


Hello Brian, Just thought that i should send you a line to thank you for your excellent service that you gave me with regard to the Music Fidelity pre amp you sold me. I received the preamp one day earlier than you said  and it is working faultlessly. The pre amp is just as you said it was, i would say in mint condition. Thanks again Brian, i could happily reccommend you to anyone.

Best Regards J.H. VIC


Brian, I am impressed and amazed by the efficiency in which my order was handled. I placed an order on-line about 1pm yesterday and received delivery by Express Post about 9.30am today. That's Brisbane to Sydney! It is a pleasure doing business with a company displaying such efficiency and I thank you personally for the way in which my order was dealt with so expeditiously. I certainly will have no hesitation on doing business with you guys again or recommending you to others. 

Once again, Well Done! Regards,  A.D. NSW


Hi Brian, The phono stage arrived today!!   Extremely fast service. I'll definitely use you again for my Hi-Fi needs. 

Thanks again  



Hi Brian, The Vibrapods arrived this safely this afternoon. Thank you for your extremely prompt and efficient service once again. I'll certainly be in touch in the future for any further audio needs.

Best wishes, D.N. VIC


Hi Brian. Product arrived today, awesome and great service.

Much appreciated  K.F.  VIC


All delivered in good order next day after ordering, really fast service. The vibrapods proved to be a revelation under my tube headamp! Thanks J.M. NSW

Hi Brian, received safely this morning. Fantastic service.

Many thanks, 



Brian just to let you know my order arrived today in perfect condition, thank you and your staff for an excellent service I will definitely buying from you again.Regards J.G.  VIC

Dear Brian, Received order today, thankyou for your prompt service, 



Afternoon Brian, Just a quick note to let you know that the Vibrapods have arrived this afternoon. I also wanted to convey my appreciation for your prompt service. I'll keep you informed of my impressions in due course. 

Best, D.N. VIC


Gday Brian. Received my purchases yesterday and am extremely happy with the products and the time it took to get here.

Thanks a lot. MB TAS


Brian, Delighted with the cables - exactly what I needed. Really appreciate the efficiency & speed with which my order was completed

- will definitely bookmark your site for future use!  All the best M.S. VIC


Thanks for an efficient and prompt service!  G.K.  WA

Brian, thank you for such a quick shipping!!! It's a real pleasure to do deal with people like you!!!   J.H. VIC


Thank you very much for your business. Received it already, very impressed! Thanks again.  M.T. VIC

Australia Post have excelled themselves.  Sonic iF2 speakers arrived this morning.  The sound is excellent.  Thanks for your prompt delivery and efficient service.  R.D. NSW


The Canrong meter arrived today. Thanks for the quick despatch. Express Post is certainly express!  W.S. NSW


Hi Brian, Belt received today. It fitted fine and my turntable is now working perfectly. Thanks for your prompt service. Regards, G.L. QLD


Thanks for your prompt and excellent service!   A.H.  WA


Hi Brian, Thanks for your super quick response. I think I'll be doing business with you again, purely on the strength of your excellent service. 

Best regards    A.W.   NSW


Hi Brian. The stylus arrived safe and sound. Thank you for a very pleasant transaction. Hope to deal with you again sometime.  Regards   R.P. NSW


Hi Brian: Stands arrived before 10 this morning. Good product, good service and I particularly liked the updates.Thank you. D.C. NSW


Thanks for all your trouble, cartridge spot on, record player working better than expected, keep up the good work.  B.J. Was


My God that was fast. Thanks very much!  A.M. Vic


Many thanks for the speedy delivery of the LP sleeves & turntable belt - that was excellent customer service, well exceeding my expectations  J.S. Old


Your service and communications are fantastic, a pleasure to deal with you, Thanks Brian    G.C.  ACT


Just received the replacement mat and everything is fine,thank you.I have really noticed the difference after going back to the felt mat.It is a pleasure to do business with someone as professional as you and your company,I will heartily recommend Decibel Hi Fi to all down here in Victoria,and look forward to doing business again. P.D. VIC


Picked up the package today. Thanks very much for the prompt service!   P.K.  NSW


Hi Brian  Just wanted to say thanks. Package arrived on Friday and we were able to get everything set up over the weekend and it's all working fine. Great service - thanks again. H.H. SA


Thanks to the team at decibel. My amp arrived the day after I ordered it as promised.  J.H.


Received the Grado SR80's this morning. Thankyou very much for your fast & efficient service. Regards, W.H. Old


Dear folks at Decibel Hi Fi, This morning I received the record cleaning brush and Ortofon cartridge that I ordered from you just yesterday. Jeepers you're quick ! I've just installed the Ortofon 5E cartridge in my low-end but much loved Pioneer turntable and tried it out with Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here". I have to say I'm bowled over by the clarity and dynamics. For such a low price I never expected it would be this good. Many thanks for your terrific service. I'll definitely be buying from you again. M.B. NSW


I don't usually bother to respond like this, but your excellent response and service to supply a replacement turntable belt so quickly  an order which could have seemed trivial to you but critically important to me, was outstanding.  Many thanks. I am delighted and will recommend you to anyone looking for hi-fi components.   J.G. SA


Many thanks for the speedy service. My incognito kit kit arrived 2 days ago and your prices are competitive with ordering from the US.  T.W. VIC


Thanks for the prompt email - didn't think that I'd get a real person responding to the email subscription!  R.F. VIC


Everything arrived today in purrrrfect condition . I haven't had time to play with the Record yet but am sure it will be fine .


Thanks for the fasst service & great communications .   M.S. NSW


I have received the turntable belt through the mail.  .....  Vinyl rules, as does prompt and professional service, such as you guys offer & produce.  Thank you from both my friend and me.  Keep up the excellent work you do!  J.O.   SA


Thanks for the quick reply Brian. I ended up getting an alignment tool from you as it's something I'll probably need down the track anyway. Thanks for the super quick service too. I do appreciate the fact that you could courier it the same day. That is good service!  C.P.  Brisbane


Thanks for the great service and modest shipping price.  M.L.  NSW


Thank you for your exemplary service. L.B.  NSW


...The OM5E cartridge arrived safely today. Sounds great. Thanks for the prompt was a pleasure doing business with you. H.O.  NSW



Brian, I thought I should acknowledge receipt of the replacement belt and accompanying invoice.  Although I spent a bit more than I expected, I am very pleased with the result and grateful for the advice and work you did while I was visiting Brisbane. The sound from the new AT cartridge is fantastic and I am really glad that I followed your advice and went for the more expensive option. best wishes, Graeme F. NSW


Hi Brian,

Good job. The turntable is also set up better then I had it before. There is considerable depth to the sound stage where individual instruments can be clearly located. Thank you. Louis (Oracle turntable, rewired Rega RB300, Garrott Decca Gold with The Cartridge Man's Isolator).


DISC DOCTOR Cleaning System

Hi Brian. Just thought I'd send some feedback on the Disk Doctor cleaning products which I purchased, please pass this on to the developer. I'm delighted with the result of cleaning some old vinyl records which were privately pressed in the early 1960's and not commercially available. My husband was then in the Melbourne University Choral Society and we have had these records in our collection since then.  They have been kept in their original dust jackets, but now that I have the capability to put them on to CD, the only thing needed was to clean them up to remove the pops and scratches.  Disk Doctor cleaning has restored them to the original standard, and I'm looking forward to putting them onto CD so that my husband can enjoy some good memories, in the car on his way to work, my birthday present to him! Thanks for a great product, well worth the money. C.L.  VIC


"The Disc Doctor product is remarkable."  I.M.  NSW


Hi Brian, I have just tried the disc washer (DD Complete Kit) at first I thought it was over priced. After using it,


What can I say? Brilliant ......... experimented on a couple of records the difference in sound is incredible.

kind regards M.H. NSW


WRT cleaning the Disc Doctor kit is fabulous and I think the brushes are the best obtainable. I have also purchased a Nitty Gritter cleaner which is easier and less messier to use but doesn't clean as well as the Disc Doctor manual method. I have adopted a hybrid method - clean with DD then rinse and suck with the Nitty Gritty machine.  J.L. Old


I am so impressed with the Disc Doctor LP cleaning stuff, that I will give the CD cleaner a try as well - I have a few CDs that don't behave the way they should at times, I suspect cleaning them might help.


I couldn't believe how the LP cleaner improved a few of the records that I purchased second hand that look OK but had a fair bit of surface noise - they are now just about silent, certainly improved to the extent that I am no longer on the look out for other copies. I didn't believe that cleaning would improve new LPs, but it does that too!      R.F. VIC



I've now have about 50 hours on the speaker cables that you provided. (Even before they were broken in they beat my CAT 5 DIY Speaker Cable hands down.) Before the Origin Live cables I found my system a bit dry and lacking in warmth.  The new cables have added a bit of warmth without any loss of detail or frequency extensions. I am really pleased:  Great detail and air   Smooth, silky highs with great clarity - no harshness    Great bass response - tight & tuneful 


Great sound staging        Highly recommended      P.G.  Brisbane


Just letting you know about the cables.  (Belden 89259)


I fitted them as soon as received and have listened carefully since then and find it hard to define a difference. I think there is one and it appears to be that the musicians are more "In focus" as it were and the bass is more defined. Whatever it is , I find the sound more pleasant and realistic to listen to which is the main thing.


Once again thank you very much for the service.   J.M.P.  NZ


I received the solicore ordinary cable from you.  I have had it about a month now.   awesome sound, I noticed the difference immediately.   D.A.  WA


JORDAN drivers

Just thought I'd let you know that I've completed assembly of the speaker kit you sent me and they look and sound just amazing (see attached image); I'm very pleased with the result. Thanks again for providing an excellent service. The kit represents good value, even with shipping charges. M.F. UK


Bought the Jordan transmission line speaker kits from you last year. Now thrilled with the results - had them French polished ! They sound magnificent.


I've recommended you to a few people, and am looking at doing a home theatre setup around Jordans in the future. Many thanks.  C.B. Sydney


The JX92S TL speakers are just fantastic, so clean and clear and very honest.  G.S. VIC


Dear Brian,  Hello and I just wanted to relay my full satisfaction with the purchase of  JX92S Jordan drivers and the TL enclosure kit. 


In my set-up, these wonderful loudspeakers are driven with 47 Lab's Shigaraki integrated amplifier coupled to a fixed platter Sony CD Player  CDP-XA7ES.  My previous set-up included Apogee Stage loudspeakers driven by Classe DR15 via Musical Fidelity tube pre-amp and using trusty Sony CDP-XA7ES.  Of course, comparison of ribbon speakers with full-range type is always an interesting discussion point, however, if I had to decide I would choose the full-range sound anytime - the Jordan's are definitely clearer, more detailed and certainly equaling the sound stage capability to the Stages under similar conditions.  The bass extension from the TL enclosure, however,  is superior to Stages.  In short, the JX92S Jordans are a terrific value for money and the TL enclosure is a high quality kit. 


Thank you for making these products readily available.       Regards,  R K  Singapore


I thought I might let you know that the amber amp, although a class b amp, sounds awesome with the Jordan's!!!  The stereo imagery of these little 4'' are crazy, they really come to life when watching DVD's.  When playing music through them, especially the traditional Greek music that I love, you hear different dimensions that you don't hear through normal brand name speakers.  Also when watching DVD's I notice that I cant take note of the storyline of the movie, I get engrossed with the sound quality!!! Anyways I thought I might let you know that I am very pleased with them little gems!!   P.S.  SA


Been playing the Jordans almost constantly to "play them in". One or two CDs have sounded a bit tinny...but it could be the quality of the CDs. Others, particularly instrumental have sounded magnificent. I would expect that all speakers have some trouble with orchestral, and especially full range speakers. In fact, I'm astonished that, given the physics of the driver, we can differentiate at'd think it would be one big blurred noise.    B.W.   NSW


GARROTT cartridges

OPTIM FGS   ... I bought it after 5 minutes audition. It just sounded "right"!  ..... Forget HiFi - this combo makes music.  I am content, and can now spend my hard earned on more vinyl.   R.M.   NSW    For his complete comments take this link


GRAHAM SLEE phono preamps

Hi brian, have had the GA3F running for a couple of days now,has been running constantly, the unit is quieter as it burns in, starting to work through the app.500 albums I have, it's as if I am listening to new material over and over. thanks again for a brilliant piece of equipment. cheers  d.m.  VIC


Jazz Club   ...Regarding performance, it was worth every bit of the price and waiting time! Suddenly I've got a decent soundstage, nice tight bass, high-end detail, clarity, presence and no sense of strain. Music is no longer fatiguing to listen to, no longer flat, stale, weary and lifeless.  W.S. NSW


Era Gold. .... It has awesome bass - depth and articulation, first rate dynamics, it's clean and clear with great definition of leading edge transient attack, decay and detail retrieval. And remember, this kit is relatively dirt cheap. ... IMHO you would be mad to spend more on a phono stage, no matter what your expectations and standards. R.M.   NSW    For his complete comments take this link


Era Gold  ....  It's been a while and I have performed a few tests against other phono stages. So far Graham Slee fares very well.   A.M.  NSW


Era Gold is now fully "burnt in".  What a great piece of kit - it sounds superb - much better than i had expected (and i expected quite a lot) - fantastic. It was to be the preamp for my backup system - it's now been promoted!  The incognito rewire and origin live mods to the rega arm have made a great difference too - i'm very pleased.  J.C.  VIC



Brian, Just to let you know the Vibrapod and Cone combination has made a significant improvement in my system. I am using them under the CD Player. I am quite amazed at what they can do. Regards A.C.


Recently, I purchased from you some Vibrapod Model 3's as a tweak to use between my Epos M22 speakers and the granite slabs they rest on, replacing the supplied spikes.Let me tell you, the improvement these seemingly innocuous little devices made was not a subtle one...bass became more tuneful and the soundstage opened up, providing greater depth information in particular and giving vocals a holographic quality previously missing.  Very impressive, and especially so in value terms.



The No 2 Pods arrived this a'noon - Set them up and got an immediate improvement, not just a change! This is a very pleasant suprise (great) for only $50!


Have order'd a set of No 3's (amp) plus 4 cones (try-out)   Many thanks     Yours   ...   J. H. VIC


The pods and cones arrived safely today. Thanks for the extremely fast service. Queensland to Melb the next day....unreal!


I have just set up combined pods and cones under my valve amp and CD player, and must say Im amazed at just how different it sounds and how obvious it is.  Better bass. Much more focussed sound image.  Midrange sounds different as well. Quite something!


Now I need to go suss out everything else that may benefit from pods and cones!                R.E. VIC


A phone call from A. N.  Brisbane after trying them under his Musical Fidelity CD player.  They bloody work. I couldn't believe it. Firmed up the bass. Extraordinary. Quite remarkable. Going to put a set under the preamp next.


Pods & cones arrived this morning and have now been fitted. They really clear up the sound and make the bass a lot less soggy. Must work. I've got them installed so that the pods sit immediately under the turntable sitting on the cones. The ball bearing end of the cones thus sit on the cabinet. I note on the website this is the reverse of what was done. Does this matter? In my case the reverse scenario allows the turntable to slip too easily on the bearings. Thanks again.  R.H.  QLD


I have placed then under a DVD player and a cd deck. As far as DVD is concerned an immediate improvement was observed in the picture quality. Cleaner, deeper, crisper. The picture took on a really 3D quality, you can now see right into the picture.


As far as CD's are concerned the music is simply cleaner, stable smoother. The high end is just crystal clear with nice stable high frequencies with a really nice wide stable sound stage. Everything is now in is proper place and stays there.


The cones provide a really simply and cost effective way of tweaking any system.   M.M. NSW


ORIGIN LIVE modifications

Slotted arm & bearing mod   First impressions are that the arm knocks the socks off my akito, with more detail and less aggression to the sound.    P.J.  QLD


P.S. the origin live tone arm completely transformed my Linn. Wow! That was money well spent.


The technician who did the fitting usually put on Michelle tecno-arms(another variation on the RB-250). He seemed very skeptical about the origin live product.


When I arrived to pick up the unit his tune had completely changed, he said he was "very surprised" by the sound that came out of my turntable, and seemed to have developed detailed knowledge of every model in the origin live line up. I expect that you will be getting orders from him in future!  T.B. VIC


INCOGNITO rewiring kits

The incognito re-wire kit I bought from you was a great improvement for my RB300 arm   L.L. VIC



I bought a Cartridgeman Isolator from you. It seems to do only good for the sound. Another benefit is that the tonearm, now having a lot of extra mass at the end, is able to track warped records very well.  W.S.  NSW