London phono cartridges were previously know as Decca cartridges and have a history going back to the late 50s. For more history take the link below.

John Wright has been building cartridges under the London brand name and refurbishing all Decca FFSS Heads for the last 20 years.

Over these years he has designed two new cartridges, the London Jubilee and the London Reference Cartridge, which was awarded 'Best Analogue Component' in the 2004 Hi-Fi News 'Industry Awards'.

John strived to improve the quality and performance of Decca Cartridges, still using the original 'positive scanning' system, which gives the Decca it's unrivalled sound quality and using the latest design in diamond styli.

One dealer in USA suggests they maybe the world's best phono cartridges.

It is disappointing to hear that the London cartridges can no longer be manufactured due to them being unable to find a supplier for a vital component.

There is a detailed review of the Super Gold and Jubilee models on the website.

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