EJ Jordan Designs was established in the 1970s to design, manufacture our unique, high fidelity loudspeakers. We have been bringing natural sound to music lovers for over 40 years. Our products sell around the world.

E J ‘Ted’ Jordan pioneered the use of full-range, single cone drive units in the 1960s. His designs are renowned for refined engineering and musicality, the result of his deep understanding of the underlying acoustic principles.

JORDAN JX125 bass driver (each)

JORDAN JX125 bass driver (each)

$150.00 JX125

32% OFF RRP $220.00
EAD E100 (JORDAN JX92) 4" metal cone wide range driver (each)

EAD E100 (JORDAN JX92) 4" metal cone wide range dr

The definitive full range driver

$330.00 E100