NEW Audio Technica VM series mm phono cartridges

Author: Brian   Date Posted:9 February 2017 

January 5th, Consumer Electronics Show 2017, Las Vegas – Manufacturing handcrafted phono cartridges since 1962, Audio-Technica revolutionised magnetic cartridge design with its internationally patented Dual-Magnet design more than 40 years ago. Based on this highly acclaimed design, Audio-Technica is delighted to introduce its new VM cartridge series that builds on the company’s heritage and expertise while also further refining its renowned sophisticated analogue performance.

The nine models in the VM lineup combine three different cartridge bodies and seven different stylus shapes, to deliver optimised playback of all types of stereo, mono and 78 RPM records, whilst giving the user a clear upgrade path to expand their cartridge collection and perfect their analogue experience.

Comprised of the die-cast aluminium housing 700 series, the high-density moulded housing 500 series and the mono-bodied 600 series, this new range offers seven styli types – Conical Bonded, 3mil Conical Bonded, Elliptical Bonded, Elliptical Nude, MicroLine™, Shibata, and Special Line Contact. The VM series has been carefully designed with experimentation in mind, allowing music fans to experience the sonic differences, subtleties, and sound enhancements delivered by changing styli onto cartridge bodies. This increased customisation within the range enables users to maximise body and stylus type suitability, as well as upgrade their collection to suit their audio tastes.

Every cartridge employs Audio-Technica’s patented Dual Magnet design, which duplicates the “V”-shaped arrangement of the magnets of a cutter head and precisely positions the magnets to match the positions of the left and right channels in the groove walls. Consequently, the VM design provides exceptional channel separation, stereo imaging, frequency response and tracking of the record groove.

Elsewhere, the oxygen-free copper coil wire used in the VM series (6N-OFC) is more than 99.99997% pure oxygen free copper, enabling the cartridges to pick up the maximum amount of information from the vinyl groove and provide high resolution, powerful sound image.

Introducing the VM Series

The VM 700 Series










Pictured: VM760SLC (top) and VM740ML (bottom)

The top-end series is fitted with a die-cast aluminium alloy housing that reduces unwanted vibration, a natural electrical shield and enhances the superior sound quality of high-performance line contact styli. The flagship VM760SLC cartridge features an ultra-lightweight and high precision Special Line Contact stylus that delivers a low-distortion rate with a fuller frequency reproduction during playback to extract every possible piece of information from the record grooves.

Fitted with a Shibata stylus, developed for playing four channel vinyl records that demand high-frequency reproduction capabilities during playback, the VM750SH is also ideal for effectively recreating rich mid and low-frequencies. Lastly the VM740ML arrives with a MicroLine™ stylus for outstanding high-frequency reproduction and clear sound image localisation.

  • Audio-Technica VM760SLC: Dual moving magnet stereo cartridge with Special Line Contact
  • Audio-Technica VM750SH: Dual moving magnet stereo cartridge with Shibata stylus
  • Audio-Technica VM740ML: Dual moving magnet stereo cartridge with MicroLine™ stylus

The VM 500 Series 










Pictured: VM540ML (top) and VM530EN (bottom)

This standard body range boasts features from the 700 series including para-toroidal coils, centre shield plate and 6N-OFC coil wire. Leading the line is the VM540ML featuring a MicroLine™ stylus that produces low-distortion even on the inner circumference of a record – the curvature radius of the stylus tip does not alter even when it becomes worn.

The VM530EN comes equipped with a lightweight nude elliptical stylus to reduce vibration and deliver fuller frequency reproduction while the VM520EB’s elliptical bonded stylus lessens tracing distortion and enables a more accurate sound reproduction. Lastly the VM510CB model  features a rounded conical bonded stylus that is less likely to be affected by placement and boasts stable tracing performance.

  • Audio-Technica VM540ML: Dual moving magnet stereo cartridge with MicroLine™stylus
  • Audio-Technica VM530EN: Dual moving magnet stereo cartridge with Elliptical Nude stylus
  • Audio-Technica VM520EB: Dual moving magnet stereo cartridge with Elliptical Bonded stylus
  • Audio-Technica VM510CB: Dual moving magnet stereo cartridge with Conical Bonded stylus
  • Audio-Technica VM540ML/H: Dual moving magnet stereo cartridge with Headshell
  • Audio-Technica VM530EN/H: Dual moving magnet stereo cartridge with Headshell
  • Audio-Technica VM520EB/H: Dual moving magnet stereo cartridge with Headshell

The VM 600 Series










Pictured:  VM670SP (top) and VM610MONO (bottom)

This specialised mono body series boasts internal wiring dedicated to delivering monaural sound. The VM670SP model is designed for the playback of 78 RPM records and fitted with a round stylus whose large curvature radius at the tip is suitable for playing records from a wide variety of eras. Featuring a conical bonded stylus, the VM610MONO cartridge is devoted to the playback of mono LP records with internal wiring allowing for reduced surface noise and stable sound reproduction.

  • Audio-Technica VM670SP: SP records (78rpm) mono phono cartridge with Conical Bonded stylus
  • Audio-Technica VM610MONO: LP records mono phono cartridge Conical Bonded stylus

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