MARIGO Aida CD mat - feedback from customers

Author: Brian   Date Posted:7 February 2020 

The Aida CD mat is the latest in the CD mats produced by Marigo Audio Lab, a company that has been developing custom audiophile components since 1989.

At $330 it is not an inexpensive tweak to a CD player and we sell them on a moneyback trial basis.

If you have a large collection of CDs and have considered upgrading your player, this could be a much less expensive option.

There are numerous reviews and praise on the Marigo website but I wanted to get some feedback from Australian customers. The comments below will be added to as more adventurous souls try them out (on a moneyback trial basis).

5/2/20  Stephen L.
"I had the original Marigo Mat and this is better!
Improvement all round. More dimensionality, better body, sound more fleshed out."

5/2/20 Garry J.
"To get to the point it is a fantastic upgrade. More than just a tweak. I was happy to give it a try with the money back offer and was expecting to be doing A/B comparisons over a period of time. However, it only took me a few quick listens to see that this was a great improvement, not slight but quite definite.It is a bit like going from CD to SACD or upgrading a set of cables to something much better where you instantly hear the difference.
As background I have a Halcro EC800 CD/SACD player which is no slouch (RRP around 5K back in the day) and the mat lifts it to another level. I have recently been enjoying DSD on my Klein Grob dac but after using the mat I found myself just playing CDs for days on end. It's that good. It is particularly good on well mastered material (I principally listen to Classical). It doesn't improve an ordinary CD as much (or at least make it sound great) but in 90% of cases what I am hearing is significantly better with the mat.
I posted a short 'review' on Stereonet which tries to capture some of my impressions.
Rest assured If I was on the fence I might have returned it but it's worth every cent!"


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