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The Decibel OMNI loudspeakers are omnidirectional. That means they distribute the sound in all directions not just forward. The Omni is a medium sized floorstanding unit which can be positioned alongside, even behind furniture, and projects the sound upwards to reflect off the ceiling and walls. They are intended for general stereo use, particularly in rooms where conventional forward facing speakers are hard to position. They also work wonderfully as surround speakers in a home theatre system. They are efficient enough to be used with modest amplifiers but deserve better. They have been designed to be placed close to walls and the bass response benefits from such positioning. They can also be placed up on a sideboard, even in wall units, such is their versatility.


Why omnidirectional? It’s actually quite simple really. If you had a musician playing an instrument in your lounge room, the sound you would hear would be largely reflected – from the walls, floor and ceiling, and only a small proportion would be direct from the instrument to your ears. Most recordings are close-mic’d which captures just the direct sound. These speakers attempt to recreate that direct-reflected balance of the live performance. It’s been done before by several manufacturers such as Bose & Sonab but we are unaware of any DIY kit that has used the principle.


The premium model uses a Nomex bass driver with a Vifa tweeter. Performance is impressive and the sound remains clean at very high levels. The choice of drivers, crossover design, and performance measurements have been done by Stones Sound Studios, who have an excellent reputation in Australia as loudspeaker consultants.

Assembly instructions.



Bass/Mid : PEERLESS HDS 832873 5" 8 ohm, Nomex cone , rubber surround

Tweeter : PEERLESS V-line 1" 6 ohm, dual ring radiator diaphragm, wave guide centre plug

Enclosure :

Type: Rectangular box with offset vertical firing baffle for omni directional polar sound field

Volume: 16.5 Litre

Dimensions (mm):

Height: 600

Width: 250

Depth: 250


Offset vertical firing at 19degs

Vent :

Vent Freq( Fs): 51 Hz

Vent Diameter: 40mm ID (inside) 40mm (DWV) pipe

Vent Length: 82 mm

Enclosure Type: EBS Vent low resonance with fs velocity damping

Enc Slope: 12db /oct roll off

Cabinet Mounting

De coupled by four 63mm rubber feet at base of cabinet

Crossover Enclosure

Sub enclosure in based of cabinet for crossover

Crossover :

Type: Bessel / Butterworth offset slope

Components: hand wired with QED internal wiring high end components SCR ,tin foil, non inductive resistors

1mm pure copper air core inductors

Terminals: Bi wire 4mm Gold plated terminal plate

Crossover freq

LP 3280 Hz 6db/oct

HP 2600 Hz 12db/oct

Recommended Amplifier :

Amp Type: Stereo /Hometheatre /Valve ( very stable load amplifier friendly)

Recommended Power :

Amplifiers from 5 to 75 watts rms ( may be operated with 100watt amplifiers with judicious volume setting)

Impedance :

Nominal 8 ohm ( 6.1ohm dc )


18mm moistured resistant medium density fibre board (MDF)

Cabinet Damping:

Combination of acoustic damping compound and multi weave felt , Isolated crossover chamber felt damped




Shipping Weight 24.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.800m
Shipping Height 0.290m
Shipping Length 0.250m

1 Year Warranty

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