Loudspeaker Systems

Most loudspeakers have drivers that face forward so that the best listening position is in front of them. They are tested in anechoic chambers (no reflections) so give their best results when positioned well away from walls. Some loudspeakers radiate in all directions and are referred to as omni-directional. These are much less specific in their positioning and spread the sound through the listening area more evenly. There are a variety of methods of doing this, some have their drivers facing upwards so that the sound bounces off the ceiling and walls, other use drivers that radiate the sound in a 360° horizontal plane, and some have multiple drivers facing in different directions.

The Ohm Acoustics speakers use a special driver that faces downwards and the sound from the back of the cone radiates out horizontally. The Decibel Omni loudspeakers have their drivers facing upwards. Both create an omni-directional effect that provides a stable stereo image from many positions in the listening room.

Icon Audio's Made For Valves loudspeakers are designed to be more efficient and provide an easier to drive load for lower output valve amplifiers.

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