From the Curious website: “From a previous career as an audiophile cable and connector manufacturer, I had plenty of wire on hand to start the experimental process. I left no stone unturned. I tested different diameters of wire, different metallurgy, shielding, dielectrics, ground techniques, how to deal with the 5V power leg and so on. All the time listening.”

Curious Cables is an Australian owned company, founded by Rob Woodland - an audiophile and music lover who from 1999 to 2005 licensed technology from inventor Keith Eichmann – and manufactured the Bullet Plug (a better sounding RCA connector) as well as a range of affordable high-end cables.  

Rob also designed the CablePod and Bayonet Plug – the first breed of better sounding connectors to hit the market. 

So, it comes as no surprise to see Rob at it again with the Curious usb cable. 

“Computer-based audio systems had the potential to offer incredible performance, but I was never happy with the sound – and much of the blame can be directed towards the usb cable”, said Rob. 

Twelve months and countless prototypes later – Rob has released a usb cable that brings new life to computer audio.

The cables are manufactured under license by Mike Lenehan from Lenehan Audio - Queensland, Australia.


Curious USB 0.8m

Curious USB 0.8m

$340.00 CU0.8