ICON AUDIO Passive Pre-amp with remote

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Do you need more inputs, volume control and remote control?

If you need any of these the Icon Passive R could help. Icon Audio's passive preamplifier is ideal for use with most power amplifiers. Most CD/DVD, tuners etc already have enough voltage. Its beauty is that it has no distortion or noise, therefore does not colour the sound, and the price is very affordable.

Passive Line Pre-Amplifier

Why do you need a pre amplifier?

Aside from tone controls and balance which thankfully most high quality pre amps have dispensed with, the principal reasons are:

1, Voltage, gain where your 1 volt tuner output needs to drive a 1.5v power amp input.
2, Where the capacitance of very long connecting leads degrades the high frequency.

On the other hand your modern tuner, CD player, phono pre amp etc probably has enough output to drive your power amp(s) effectively, and you will probably be using relatively short (0.5 to 3m) leads. In which case you only need to control the volume, and switch the input. Nothing else!

Some years ago QUAD described the perfect amplifier as “a piece of wire with gain”. But as there is no such thing as a perfect amplifier, by default the Icon passive is considered perfect, as it has no flaws! This may sound conceited, but it is the basis of all their integrated amplifiers. There is no hum because it is perfectly screened.

There is no noise because there is no amplifier to make noise. Distortion is non existent. This is the only way to hear the true sound of your power amplifier, with nothing added.

The Passive is very versatile and can also be used purely as a selector box with the volume wide open.
Or by providing a monitoring circuit for your recording equipment as well as additional inputs. It is a very
useful addition to any hi fi system.
As a general guide it may be used with any power amp or mono blocks with 1v sensitivity or greater.
This includes the QUAD 303 and all of the Leak valve amplifiers.


Passive Pre-Amp Leaflet


Shipping Weight 3.9000kg
Shipping Width 0.370m
Shipping Height 0.210m
Shipping Length 0.310m
Shipping Cubic 0.024087000m3

1 Year Warranty

ICON AUDIO Passive Pre-amp with remote

26 February 2021
I bought this Passive Pre-Amp after many years of unhappy sound from traditional Pre-Amps after my beloved Yamaha died in a ball of flames after 35 years. People don't realize how critical the Pre-Amp is and that unless properly designed will alter gain unevenly over the frequency spectrum making some music sound amazing and others just flat and out of balance. I did a lot of research regarding passive Pre-Amps and even built one with a pot and switch box but nothing could prepare me for just how good this Icon Audio Pre sounded. A small change in pot resistance or earthing makes or breaks the sound. Please note that I have chosen to run this with an Icon Audio BA3 valve buffer which sorts out any issues with impedance miss match but works equally well without it. The remote option is also a winner and is smooth and easy to get right. Yes you have to turn the volume up more than usual but being a analog pot the volume increases exponentially the more you turn it up so it has never run out of puff. The build quality is excellent and has some weight to it. Highly recommended. Roy

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