Finishing Options

We have inexpensive and easy to apply timber look veneers to finish off your speaker design. These self adhesive vinyls are dead easy to apply. They work just like contact paper, but are specifically designed for DIY speaker use.

Available in 6 colours;

  1. Black Woodgrain
  2. Black Stipple
  3. Walnut
  4. Oak 
  5. Cherry
  6. Silver

They come in 18 ft  x 2 ft rolls.

You can download the instructions for application of these veneers here. This is an 800K .pdf file and may take some time to download but is an excellent guide.

If you prefer a natural timber veneer there is also a wide range of beautiful timbers available. We now have veneer finishing kits available in several timber types.

Grille Cloth - Black  1m x 1.5m piece

Grille Cloth - Black 1m x 1.5m piece

100% acoustically transparent

$17.60 GCBK1

Grille Cloth - Brown  (per yard)

Grille Cloth - Brown (per yard)

100% acoustically transparent

$27.50 GCBN

Grille Cloth - Grey  (per yard)

Grille Cloth - Grey (per yard)

100% acoustically transparent

$27.50 GCGY

Vinyl Wrap - Red Cherry

Vinyl Wrap - Red Cherry

$71.50 peVWRC