Swift Mk5 Turntable (without tonearm)

Includes Multi-layer platter



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SWIFT Mk5 TURNTABLE (without tonearm)

Includes the Multi-layer platter and Light Speed motor controller. 

The Aurora is acclaimed first and foremost because of its musicality. In spite of being lowest in the range, it inherits design features from our very high end decks, acclaimed among the best in the world regardless of price. Remarkably, it offers true high end performance, comfortably outperforming more expensive decks–even when fitted with inexpensive tonearms and cartridges.

"A stellar performer with wonderfully realistic presentation… Enticing looks and celestial sounds… Superb attack, rigid bass, excellent dynamics, all of which means continually engrossing performances and edge-of-the-seat listening! …It looks like a star and sounds like heaven – a class leader in every respect…” What Hi-Fi  read more

"The good news is the Aurora does not require a $3,000 cartridge to sound great. Coupled with the OL Silver MK IIIA tonearm and a budget cartridge I could be happy to live with it long term. It offers true high end sound at a reasonable price and has the ability to transport the recorded performance into your listening. I cannot part with it, so I purchased the review sample." TNT Audio  read more

"Surely the best £750 black disc spinner in outright sonic terms…” Hi-Fi World

"It's very hard to think what else you could ask of this… Its build is excellent at the price, its sonic performance is simply superb, and there's certainly nothing wrong its looks either" Hi-Fi Choice  read more

“We had the Aurora playing over the weekend in store and everyone was extremely impressed with the sound it was producing for the cost – I have to say it is amazing value and puts certain other brands to shame at twice the cost.” Andy, Rayleigh Hi-Fi

Options include a 12 inch arm mount, or dual armboard.

For more information about turntable buying, and how choosing a better deck can transform the sound of your system, see 'Why your choice of deck really matters'. 


Light Speed Controller

The MK 4 introduces the Light Speed Controller (LSC) on all decks with its rock-steady speed and improved sonic performance. Using a light shone onto the platter, our motors automatically maintain their speed to the highest level of accuracy, avoiding common problems like speed drift, motor jitter and cogging.

DC100 Motor

These high-grade Swiss motors demonstrate the powerful, smooth-running needed in a good turntable motor. Ironless cores eliminate eddy currents which result in low “clogging”, low vibration and speed stability. Motors are decoupled to minimize vibration and reduce audible noise.


The belt is manufactured in house using special material which increases grip and reduces stretch under instantaneous loading, using a unique material which dramatically improves on widely used neoprene rubber  – benefits include increased dynamics and deeper bass performance.

High Specification Power Supply

Carefully selected cables from premium suppliers are attached to motor circuitry that is designed to ensure the motor, the platter and your vinyl are running smoothly on a consistent power supply. 


A well researched special plastic pulley enables maximum belt grip, resulting in increased definition and dynamics over.

Standard Armboard

Our standard armboard provides premium performance for the price point. Decoupled from the rest of the turntable, the armboard is balanced in equilibrium with the platter and bearing housing.

Arm Mount
The deck includes an arm mounting to fit all Origin Live 240mm (9.5") tonearms. For full details on other arms that will fit, see "What arms fit".  A mounting option to fit 12" arms is also available, but this is an either/or choice, rather than an addition. Customers can change over to the 12" option at a later date, but there’s a considerable saving if you order it with the deck in the first place.

Ultra-low Friction Bearing

Made in house, the new Mk4 bearing has ultra low levels of vibration. The spindle rotates on a Tungsten carbide ball bearing centered on a hardened thrust pad for low friction and long life. Low bearing friction is essential to avoid vibration. Unlike decks which “float” the platter using air or magnetic bearings, we believe “earthing” the energy out of the platter is essential for sound purity.

High Specification Sub-Chassis

The sub-chassis plate balances the armboard with the platter and bearing house, decoupling both from the turntable plinth. Its mass heavy design also helps to effectively damp vibration travelling through the armboard and platter.


Our unique suspension avoids both the softening of leading edges often found in suspended designs and the hardness in many non-suspended designs. The results are:

  • Superior pitch, rhythm, and timing
  • Rock-solid imaging
  • Reduced colouration
  • Refined presentation of low-level information
  • Easy to follow separation in the music and vocals

Superb Styling
The elegant simplicity of Aurora Mk5’s sculpted curves, along with its deep polished finish and top quality machine parts make it a highly attractive design.

High Grade Parts
- Special platter material reduces internal stress and delivers greater sonic purity
- High precision bearing runs on special oil film
- Ultra rigid subchassis minimises resonance due its unique, centre-point support
- Ironless DC motor runs near-silently, with no 'cogging' effect

Power Supply
Speed control is electronically switched between 33rpm and 45 rpm, with 78rpm available on request. The regulated power supply is load-compensating and has very low noise, delivering smooth motor rotation.

Setting up
Thanks to its unique design, there’s nothing to go out-of-tune on the Aurora. A non-suspended design, it is simple to set up for years of fuss-free performance. VTA arm adjustment is convenient, with open access to the underside of the armboard.

450mm wide, 380mm deep, 130mm high



Shipping Weight 14.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.600m
Shipping Height 0.160m
Shipping Length 0.450m
Shipping Cubic 0.043200000m3

1 Year Warranty

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