Round Stylus for Sharp STY 146


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Soundring Number: 1153

Cartridge Number: CD2000S

Cartridge Type: Ceramic

Stylus Tip: Conical

Tracking Force: 4.0g


Brands/Stylus using this stylus: 

Aiko : ACD200, AHS129, AHS222, AHS242

CEC : MC392

CDC : MC392

Columbia Denon : SJN68

Crown : CD2000S, MZ2100, MZ1100

Philips : F1650

Sanyo : ST05D, STWW3

Sharp : STY146, STY159, STY156

Toshiba : N73C


Brands/Cartridges using this stylus:

Goldstar : GCD21P

Philips : CZ800.1

Sanyo : MG05

Sharp : GSTV5-8


Brands/Turntables or Systems using this stylus:

AIKO : ACD200, AHS129, AHS222, AHS242

Akai : ACM58, ACM345, ACSM333, ACM548, ACSM333, APM111, APM121CD, APM222, APM333, APM340, APM525CD, APM636CD

Amstrad : CDX400, MX100, Studio100

AWA : S101, S201, SN300, VEE07H, E6906

Crosley : CR42C, CR6018A, CR6019A, CR6023A, CR6251A, CR8005A, CR8005C, CR8016A, RE2304, Lancaster, Player II, Executive, Switch, Bound, Cruiser, Cruiser II, Messenger

Dick Smith : AE 2836

Fission : E-E030

Glenwood : 8839

Goldstar : GCD21P

GPO : Stylo

Jensen Audio : JTA300, JT450

Linkman : LM386MST

Lenoxx : CD114BL, CD114BR, CD117B, CD117C, CD117D, CD7400B, TT500, TT600

Novatech : M665, MC200, MID6WD, MY32, SX4000

Philips : AS645, A655, AS660, AS665, AS680C, CZ800.1, EAK1009, EAK1011, EAK1022, F1275, F1375, FP1650, FP9300, FP9400, FP9410, FP9513, FP9600, FP9650, SA9300, SC1003, SC1095, SE7WT, MZ1000, MZ7347, TTXC1, XA5, XA8, XA55, XA500, XB1P, XB1529, XB7002, XB8004, XC1PB, XC109ST, XC1003, AS680C

PYE : C800.01, EAK1005A, EAK1010, EAK1011, EAK1022, EAK1023, KM2, KM2000, KM3000, KM4000, LX1000, LX1250, LX1400, LX1500, LX1750, MD1, MD2, MD3, MD2650, MD2700, MD3700, MD4700, MG1A, MG3, MG5, MG6, MG1400, MG2000, MG3200, MG4300, MG4400, MG4976, MG5400, MG6972, MS4200, MS4344, MZ4, MZ4E, MZ8P, MZ1000, MZ4200, TTXC, XB1P

Realistic Tandy : Clarinette 121, Clarinette 122, Clarinette 123, M3500, System100

Samsung : SML8550, VIP300, VIP330

Sanyo : GXT180, GXT215, GXT707, GXT747, GXT757, GXT818, GXT828, GXT909, GXT949, TPX600

Sharp : CMS250, CM750D, DX450, GSTV5, DM215, SG46, SG550, SG750, SGF50, System46

Sherwood : DM215

Silver : SS150, SS200

TEAC : DCD2750, DCD2830, DCD2930, JC10, JC15, JC16, JC30, JC32, JC35, JC39, JC40, LPU191, MXD10, P35, P90, GF350, DCD6300, STL153, STL103, GF350, DCD6300

Toshiba : SL3127, SL3147, SL3258

Voxon : MD100



Shipping Weight 0.0500kg
Shipping Width 0.060m
Shipping Height 0.015m
Shipping Length 0.080m
Shipping Cubic 0.000072000m3

1 Year Warranty

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