External Advanced DC Motor Kit (option 4)

with large, low noise, fully balanced transformer



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Universal Turntable Power Supply Upgrade - Advanced DC Motor Kit & Turntable Power Supply

"The single most important upgrade you can make"
Common Ground Magazine

This kit consists of a DC100 motor to replace the existing turntable motor, plus an external round balanced transformer and speed control unit.

The new External DC Motor Upgrade has also been so successful that we are now discontinuing the old internally installed model. The advantages of the new model include:


- New silent running motor with improved performance.

- External aluminum control box

- Improved transformer

- Improved motor mounting system

- Improved connections and wiring 

Overall this has resulted in a motor kit that is about 20-30% up on performance and very easy to install as an upgrade on almost all known decks. Successful upgrades with a marked improvement include:


Michell – gyro / orbe DC, Rega, Systemdek, Roksan, VPI, Linn, Thorens, Pro-Ject , Etc.

Front view of box housing the voltage regulator and speed control switch. This comes prebuilt with all leads and plug connectors. No soldering required - All you need to do is install the dc motor. Total cost of upgrade kit is $880 which includes dc motor, power supply, regulator board, switch, strobe card, etc.   Dimensions of box (H x W x D) 50mm x 110mm x 180mm

Reviews:   TNT Magazine     Common Ground    Listener   Classical Record    Owners

The Origin Live Advanced DC turntable motor kit is one of the most cost effective and massive upgrades that you can make to your system . This high grade motor kit is designed as a drop in replacement for almost all turntable motors and has greatly benefited most leading turntables such as Linn, Roksan, Pink Triangle, Rega, Thorens, VPI, Michell, Heybrook, Opus, Oracle, Well Tempered, Acoustic Research, and Sysemdek to name but a few. The advanced motor kit is different to the standard dc motor kit supplied with the Origin Live turntable kits due to it's vastly superior regulator board (the motor is the same). 

The fully built power supply (transformer) is housed in an enclosed box outside the deck whilst the small regulator board is also in an external aluminium box. The switch may be mounted wherever you wish or you could use your existing switch if suitable. No safety risks exist due to the low output voltage from the 12V - 6V dc power supply.
A special optional power supply (transformer) is also offered as an upgrade for the kit. This features an extremely advanced, purpose designed transformer. The benefits are improved transparency, dynamics and deeper bass. 


The high grade DC motor is a radical new breakthrough design (1997) with virtually no cogging effect due to it's ironless core. The cogging effect is the downfall of most motors. This motor is also fitted with precious metal brushes and is highly reliable.

The power supply is so well regulated that it surpasses lead acid batteries (as used by some high end pre-amps). This feature has been fully exploited by the highly developed but simple circuitry, specifically designed for the kit motor.

The motor plate enables easy fitting to most decks and also enables belt tension to be adjusted (helpful to epitomizing performance). Due to the vibrationless nature of the motor, it does not need rubber band decoupling and other methods employed on some decks to isolate their existing motors. In fact this motor can be attached on the platter sub-chassis with no noise breakthrough whatsoever!

To cater for different sizes of platter or sub-platter you can set the infinitely variable motor speed for your particular deck using pre-set dial resistors. This has the added advantage that if you ever change your deck you can transfer the motor.

The belt centre rides on the crown of the pulley. The height from the top surface of the top plate to the crown of the pulley as shown above is 6mm. For the Linn and other suitable decks this dimension is 14mm.

Suitable size flat belts are available for different decks - Round belts are only an advantage when motor vibration is high as they have a reduced cross-sectional area and low contact area on the sub-platter. However they slip and stretch, once motor vibration is eliminated flat belts are far superior.

A strobe card is provided for easy and accurate speed setting.


Shipping Weight 1.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.370m
Shipping Height 0.120m
Shipping Length 0.120m
Shipping Cubic 0.005328000m3

1 Year Warranty

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