DiscOvery33/45 record cleaning fluid (1 litre)

best for removing mould-release compounds from new vinyl


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Keith Monks discOvery™ Natural Precision Record Cleaning Fluid

  • Please note, this fluid is for use on vinyl. See the discOver™78 fluid for shellac records 
  • See the discOvery™ BreakTheMold™ fluid for anti fungal treatment on both shellac and vinyl records

Keith Monks. “Making records sound better since 1969.”

Introducing discOvery™ Natural Precision Record Cleaning Fluids, a new generation of specialist record cleaning solutions from Keith Monks. discOvery™ not only deep cleans, it also reveals the true fidelity hidden in your records.

Pure and natural, mild yet potent, Keith Monks discOvery™ delivers an unrivalled combination of deep cleaning, noise reduction and sound enhancement… and yet our unique recipes contain no alcohol and no artificial chemicals or additives at all. Nothing but pure natural botanicals and other renewable natural ingredients, all made entirely from plants and the purest triple filtered distilled water. Non-polluting, and completely biodegradable. Carefully blended and perfected from an original Monks recipe dating back to 1976.

- Washes records gently yet very effectively

- Separate specialist fluids for LP and 45rpm vinyl records, shellac (78rpm) records, plus an anti-mold (“mould”) and mildew pre-wash solution

- Enhances sound quality, increasing clarity in the middle and upper frequencies and depth in the lower registers, as well as dramatically improving the soundstage overall

- Static is virtually eliminated by the process, so the record keeps itself cleaner for longer

- Removes dust particles and other debris

- Removes excess mold (“mould”) release stamper oils used in the record pressing process, to enrich sound quality and clarity

- Natural antibacterial and antifungal agents remove organic contaminants

- Removes mold (“mould”) and mildew (use BreakTheMold TM solution for extreme cases)

- Removes condensed film and residues left on the record surface from smoke, open fires, cooking and food-related fumes, and other airborne pollutants

- Removes previously-used cleaning fluid not vacuumed off properly (or not vacuumed at all !), and residues that other cleaning devices may leave behind

- Loosens and removes most mineral and other hardened deposits such as those left from previous incorrect use of tap water

- Removes ‘clicks’, ‘pops’ and other surface noise (except scratches, particle holes and other physical disc defects)

- Self cleaning: Keith Monks discOvery™ is not only the best solution for cleaning your records - while you’re cleaning them it also automatically helps clean and maintain your Machine at the same time ! All versions have proven excellent at cleaning the metal, plastic and rubber parts used throughout the Keith Monks RCM’s fluid and vacuum suction systems. It may also be used without cleaning a disc for this purpose: several applications will help clean out and restore old or badly soiled parts of the system, and hardened deposits where tap water may previously have been incorrectly used.

- Achieves all the above results using only ‘planet friendly’ ingredients – no alcohol, no artificial chemicals or additives - just pure, natural ingredients.

- Ingredients in all Keith Monks discOvery™ Natural Precision Record Cleaning Fluids are completely biodegradable, and supplied in the lowest carbon footprint packaging available.

Please note some of the above benefits only apply when used in conjunction with a Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machine.

For serious record care, we recommend only using a ‘wet and dry’ vacuum process to remove the fluid after washing. All Keith Monks discOvery™Natural Precision Record Cleaning Solutions work best on a Keith Monks Record Cleaning Machine - ‘naturally’.




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