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This machine is designed for heavy duty use. It can be used all day without overheating and is recommended for record stores.

The MKII Moth Record Cleaning machine is based upon the well proven and accepted record cleaner that has been available from Moth for a number of years. The MKII version of the machine allows for bi-directional operation of the turntable in both the fluid application 'Wash' cycle and in the vacuum 'Drying' phase. The vacuum tube has been modified to allow for the new two way movement and to offer a more efficient vacuum system. A full size clear acrylic lid is fitted to the MKII Moth Record Cleaning machine.

The machine comes with an applicator brush, although we recommend the Disc Doctor brush as being superior for applying the cleaning fluid. Disc Doctor QuickWash or L'Art du Son fluids are recommended because they do not contain isoproyl alcohol.

"With LPs getting rarer, many vinyl enthusiasts want to keep their collections in pristine condition. The Moth RCM, used properly, will make your best discs sound better, and salvage quite a few noisy LPs that would have been unplayable without treatment. Your stylus cartridge will last longer too."

Audiophile Magazine


"Being a keen secondhand record collector I will be reluctant to give back the Moth RCM and can heartily recommend it to fellow enthusiasts."

Hi-Fi Choice Magazine


"Before I begin this review I think it important to make a few things plain about this machine.

1. IF you have lots (say 500+) of records. 
2. IF you ever buy second hand records. 
3. IF your house has any dust at all ?


Wow! - What a statement, and one I doubt if I'll ever make again. I suppose I'd better justify this otherwise my credibility, as TNT's cheapskate, will go out of the window...
Firstly this machine is, as far as I know, unique in that it is available as a kit for around 200 pounds sterling or ready made for 400 pounds. To put that in perspective, as if I needed to, that's the cost of a decent second hand LP12/Ittok or 400 records from a car boot sale."


Further Information


We at Moth are vinyl enthusiasts and have been importing specialist recordings and Hi-Fi equipment from around the world for some ten


As much as we love the LP format we know from experience that it is not without its problems: it was clicks, pops, hiss and static etc. that led us to investigate imported record cleaning machines for our own collections and professional use. The results were stunning. At last the LP format reached it's full potential, freeing itself from the unseen restraints of mould release agents and general grime. Keen to share our success we quickly became the UK's biggest supplier and authority on record cleaning machines. Our striving to improve the specification of other manufacturers designs and lower retail costs of imported products led us to design a machine of our own from the ground up.

The Moth Record Cleaning machine is a wet cleaning/Vacuum removal device with powered turntable and drainable internal reservoir. Fluid is applied by hand to a rotating record, scrubbed, and drawn off by a high efficiency vacuum system into a drainable reservoir. The unit is housed in a 16swg. Steel enclosure and finished off by a high quality injection moulded smoked lid. The machine has been designed to be rugged enough for both the professional cleaning service and the domestic private user.
Collections of 1000+ records by enthusiasts are common, and the purchase of second hand records in large batches is increasing, as new records become less obtainable.

Record cleaning machines have long been accepted as the most efficient way of cleaning and renovating vinyl LP's singles and 78's and few companies can claim to have a greater knowledge of them than MOTH!

Question time

Q. Will I hear a difference after I clean a record?
A. Yes. There is an audible improvement after record cleaning with the Moth RCM. Records sound cleaner with less hiss, snap crackle and pop.


Q. Won't other record cleaning preparations produce the same results?
A. No. Only a wet/vacuum cleaning system removes all the grease, grime and dirt from deep within the record grooves. Some other systems can either push the dirt elsewhere within the record grooves and / or cause permanent damage.


Q. Can I Clean all types of Records with a Moth RCM?
A. Yes. The Moth RCM was designed to clean all types of records and we even manufacture a special 78 version.


Q. Does the machine ever need servicing or spare parts?
A. The only part of the machine which should ever require replacement parts is the vacuum pads which will wear with use and may be replaced by the user.


Q. Is the Machine expensive to run?
A. No. The machine requires no exotic or expensive ingredients in it's cleaning fluid. This may be obtained from us directly.


Q. Will alcohol damage my Records?
A. There is considerable discussion and differing opinions regarding this. The Disc Doctor claims that the alcohol can cause leaching of plasticizers out of the vinyl such that it becomes more brittle and therefore the background noise level increases and there is excess wear. He's an industrial chemist and has been supplying his cleaning fluids for over 30 years.



Shipping Weight 15.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.450m
Shipping Height 0.300m
Shipping Length 0.400m

1 Year Warranty

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