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The Evo (evolution) range feature special Acoustic damping which reduces the noise of the machines. In the case of the PRC6 – it is almost silent.

The PRC 3 Mk 4 performs as well as our original PRC 1 of 15 years ago. That machine would cost at least double the PRC 3 price if made now. Finish and performance are simplified whilst keeping faithful to the PRC design . A special custom made pump unique to Loricraft made this possible .The original model PRC3 was set at 13 litres per minute. The latest model is 16.5 litres per minute, which is very close to the optimum figure.

The PRC3 was the combination of the new drive system plus a custom designed pump allowing a single box construction. The machine looks essentially as it always has, however 90% of all the parts including the box are now CNC produced. Assembly is still done by hand and all machines are fully tested just like the original machine. Some reviews of the Record Cleaners are listed at the bottom of this page.

Although the PCR3 machine looks essentially the same as ever, a process of continuous quality improvement has resulted in many small technical improvements which have been introduced since its introduction in 1990:

- A new drive system using very high torque motor .

- Three row needle roller bearing centre shaft making for use of the motor torque. This design is completely different to normal turntable bearings to allow long life whilst experiencing considerable force.

- Custom made motor gear box system to drive the cleaning arm.

- Custom made pump system offered in 3 different types, Europe 230 volts, USA 115 volts, Japan 100 volts, 50/60 Hz. (Japan version switchable for 50/60 Hz.)

- Enclosed bearings (4 off) on cleaning arm. These are of the highest grade allowing freedom of movement whilst being considerably more durable than typical pick-up arm types. They also avoid contamination by liquids. 

These improvements have been carried over into the PRC2 and PRC4 models, where applicable.

The famous Loricraft Cleaning System is perhaps the finest you can buy and is of particular value to professional studios, used record stores, or serious vinyl collectors that may have a huge investment in their record library. It does an incredible job of cleaning records that may have been poorly handled and stored in the past, or used records that are purchased from pervious owners who did not take care of the record.

Even though this product may be three times the price of some popular "wet system" cleaners, there are several design advantages to produce truly superior results. The Loricraft model PRC3 and PRC4 are handcrafted in the U.K. using only the finest custom made European components.

A bottle of L'Art du Son concentrate is included with the unit. This makes up 5 litres of cleaning fluid, enough for about 1000 LPs. Also included with the unit is a brush to apply the cleaning fluid.

A bit of history . . . .

The Loricraft PRC3 is based on the work of the late Percy Wilson, Technical Editor of the Gramophone Magazine in England. The prototype (hand made) machine was demonstrated at the Buxton Hi-fi show in the 1960's and drew quite a bit of attention for it's ability to thoroughly clean a record. This scheme has since been used by two companies in similar products.

The design was improved and modernized using state-of-the-art components and by Loricraft Audio. Thousands of units are now used around the world by leading record studios, record dealers, and serious collectors. The product is also very simple to use. More information on the origin of the PRC series is from the Loricraft factory website HERE.

How Record cleaning machines work . . . ..

1. The popular priced record cleaning machines use a basic, low cost Shop Vac "wet/dry" vacuum motor to remove the cleaning fluid from the record. These type motors are for intermittent use only and will seriously overheat if run continuously. Because these motors develop a high RPM in order to develop a net 27 pounds per square inch vacuum at the nozzle, they are extremely loud. An optional cooling fan installation kit is offered by the manufacturers for continuous operation at a cost of about $100.

2. A Vacuum Pickup "Wand" extends over the playing surface of the record and sucks up the fluid applied to the record. Velcro-like strips are cemented to either side of the vacuum "slot" of the pickup tube. Manufacturers of these type machines recommend cleaning the "lips" with a toothbrush after every few cleanings to keep grit, chemical pollution, and dirt from being transferred to the next record being cleaned. If not done religiously contamination from one record can be transferred to the next, and the next, and so on. Manufacturers recommend the Pickup tube be replaced after 200 cleanings (400 sides). The cost of the new tube is between $50-$100.

3 .When vacuuming the cleaning fluid from the record surface two revolutions of the geared down turntable are recommended. More than two turns can cause the vinyl to develop a static charge that will attract dust and particles similar to those just removed. This is due to the friction of the Velcro like material against the vinyl compound.

4. Old records that are slightly rippled or warped are not cleaned fully because the long "wand" nozzle does not lie flat on the record. A slightly warped record may look like a clamshell when cleaning one side, and has a "hump" in the middle when cleaning the other side. The low parts of the record cannot be reached by the flat vacuum tube.

5. Because modern Lp records have a raised outside rim and raised label area to prevent scratching of the records when played on a record changer, the vacuum pickup tube does not make good contact with the beginning of the first band of these records. This is usually the dirtiest part of the record due to fingerprints and airborne particles that collect at the opening of the record jacket. We will describe how the Loricraft handles this problem beautifully.



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