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The Kiseki Blue N.S. is the first “New Style” Kiseki cartridge ever. The typical, but shorter, Kiseki body is machined out of solid aluminium, the motor is built from best available parts today. Two years of experimenting, testing all possible choices of materials and techniques to result in a better new Kiseki Blue. A Kiseki Blue which surpasses the results of the original Kiseki Blue from the 80’s ánd of the more recent Kiseki Blue N.O.S. Only then we felt we had a reason to produce this Kiseki Blue N.S.

It will still be available in limited quantities, but we try to supply the world in such a way that once it is available in your country, there should not be a shortage afterwards. Only if enough products are available to us, we will explore new areas. Elsewhere on this website you can see where this new Kiseki Blue N.S. will become available, where you have to travel for an opportunity to listen to the first Kiseki “New Style” cartridge.



Body: Aluminum alloy, 25mm long

Cantilever: Solid Boron Rod: 0.28 mm diameter

Stylus: 0,12 x 0,12 Nude line-contact diamond, mirror polished

Stylus tip radius: 5 x 120 µm

Vertical Tracking Angle (VTA): 20 degrees

Coilbody: pure iron

Weight: 8 grams


Output voltage: 0.44 mV at 5 cm/s

Internal impedance: 40 ohms

Frequency response: 20  – 25.000 Hz ± 1 dB

Channel balance: 0.4 dB

Channel Separation: 35 dB at 1 kHz


Tracking ability at 315 Hz at a tracking force of 2.4 grams: 80 µm

Dynamic Compliance: 16 µm/mN

Brian's Review


Most audiophiles will be aware of the brand name Koetsu, the manufacturer of high end moving coil phono cartridges. Very few will have heard of Kiseki. However the Kiseki brand has an interesting history. The abridged version is that in the early 1980s the European distributor for Koetsu was having problems with supply and so decided to specify his own cartridges and invite several top manufacturers to produce them for him, with performance that equalled or bettered the Koetsu models, but priced lower. The name Kiseki was chosen because it means "miracle".


  The Kiseki Blue and other models sold well but the advent of CDs caused LP sales to plummet and also the market for turntables and cartridges so their production was halted in the mid 80s.


  For the full story, go to the Kiseki website .


  Nearly 30 years later, the resurgence of vinyl as the premium medium for high quality music has led to their production being resumed, with initially cartridges made from NOS (new old stock) parts and now also with completely new models. In Australia, International Dynamics has been appointed distributor. As one of their major dealers of Pro-Ject turntables we are pleased to be chosen to sell these fine cartridges. There are two models available in Australia initially, the Kiseki Blue NS, and Purpleheart NS at $2999 and $3999 each respectively.


  I was fortunate to be able to audition a Blue NS a few weeks ago. My usual reference cartridge is a Garrott upgraded Koetsu Black Goldline. The Blue is considerably lighter so involved moving the counterweight on my Origin Live Encounter tonearm forward in order to achieve the 2.4g recommended tracking force. My turntable is an OL Calypso.


  The first LP I tried was the Umbrella's "Bravo Nino Rota", a collection of his film music. I use this because it is one of the best instrumental recordings and pressings I have heard. It was produced in Sydney and I highly recommend it as a test record. The sound of the Blue was very clear, with instrument definition and location very precise, and a wider sound stage than previously. Percussion in general was better, with more impact. Over the next few days I played many of my old favourite LPs and it was great re-discovering and hearing them with a degree of clarity and resolution I don't remember ever hearing before.


  At the end of the trial period I went back to the Koetsu, it still is very good, but the sound is softer and slightly blurred in comparison to the Kiseki Blue NS. So I can give it a unqualified recommendation. Please email me if you are interested in an audition.



Shipping Weight 0.4000kg
Shipping Width 0.085m
Shipping Height 0.040m
Shipping Length 0.060m
Shipping Cubic 0.000204000m3

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