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The Signature P33 is based on the Performance Series P33 with significant enhancements that enable them to be part of Colin Whatmough's spectacular "Signature Series".


The P33 Signatures are based on the Performance Series P33s with significant improvements to bring them up to Signature Series status. In common with the P33s, the P33 Signatures are hand built using curved panels. This cabinet design offers more than just great looks – they also offer improved sound quality. By eliminating internal parallel surfaces, the curved surfaces minimise internal standing waves for a clearer, cleaner sound. Even more significant, curved panels are inherently more rigid and less resonant than the flat panels of a conventional speaker cabinet, which further helps to minimise colouration.


The P33 Signatures differ from the normal P33s with improved tweeters, crossover networks, internal wiring and binding posts.


Edgar Kramer reviewed the P33Sig in 2008 for sixmoons.com - his conclusion ...

"It has been a long time since any speaker impressed me this much. I found my time with the Whatmough Signatures an absolute pleasure. They play music, not a stream of sounds sullied by compromise and emanating from incoherent sources, demanding a listener's interpretation or decoding. The Whatmough P33 Signatures are truly superb music reproducers.

I've been reviewing for a good few years now. I'm a jaded veteran of the audiophile trenches and given the amount of product I've processed, I've handed out precious few Blue Moon awards. In fact, the esteemed editor of Australian Hi-Fi magazine, Greg Borrowman, has been quoted as saying, "Edgar Kramer isn't easily impressed". My take has been that my responsibility to the reader and consumer is to pour such accolades on only truly outstanding products that perform well beyond their station and therefore represent outstanding value. Well, as rare as it's been, I'm thrilled to say now the time has come. I see a Blue Moon rising. Whatmough Monitors have arrived."

Read the full review here.





The P33 Signatures use the same Ring Radiator tweeter that is used in Whatmough’s flagship speaker, the Paragon. This ultra-expensive tweeter sounds incredibly fast and detailed while also sounding extremely smooth and open. It has a very flat response extending to beyond 40KHz.

The tweeters featured in the Signature P33s are a special 'ring radiator' design as found in Colin Whatmough's Paragon speakers





Mid-Range Driver

The P33 uses a 100mm cellulous fibre coned mid-range driver. This driver has the speed and transparency no bass/mid driver can match. While manufacturing costs of a three-way speaker are considerably higher than that of a two way speaker, the sonic benefits certainly justify this cost.

A three-way speaker allows the designer to use a driver optimized to reproduce bass frequencies for the bass and a driver optimized to reproduce mid frequencies in the mid-range. A bass/mid driver will always be a compromise in the bass or mid-range or more usually both.

The mid-range driver used in the Signature P33 delivers a level of speed and transparency no bass/mid driver can match.

s4.jpgThe 33 Bass Drivers

The P33 and P8 use two 170mm fiberglass/nomex hybrid drivers especially developed for these speakers. The cone for this speaker is made of Nomex with a skin of fiberglass. This long throw driver uses a 33mm high temperature voice coil and a large double magnet system.

This driver has very high power handling as well as a very transparent detailed sound quality.

Signature P33 features two 170mm fibreglass/nomex bass drivers specially developed for these speakers.

Crossover Networks

While the standard P33s use Solen and Bennic polypropylene capacitors (used by most high end speaker manufacturers), the P33s use Hovland film and foil capacitors in critical positions, which typically cost 10 times as much as the equivalent Solen or Bennic capacitors. Air cored coils are used throughout, wound from a heavier grade of high purity Australian copper.

As in the P33s, the hand built crossover networks used in the P33 Signatures are point-to-point hard wired, while all components are critically positioned to minimise any interaction. Catdas (USA) litz cabling is used as internal wiring through-out. This cable is both very expensive and tedious to use since every strand is individually insulated, but the sonic results of Cardas cables are stunning.  

s3.jpgBinding Posts

Common to all our Signature Series speakers, the P33 Signatures use solid copper binding posts from Cardas (USA). These copper binding posts, which are silver then rhodium plated, are considered by many to be the world’s best terminals.

The P33 Signatures are tri-wireable and have three sets of terminals. The top terminals are connected to the treble section of the crossover network, while the lower terminals connect to the bass/midrange section.

Whatmough does not supply bridging links (which would allow the use of single cables) with its Performance and Signature Series speakers. This is because: -

  • To obtain their optimum performance, these speakers should be tri-wired. This involves using a tri-wireable (6-core) cable or three sets of normal 2-core speaker cables. These cables can be connected to one or two sets of speaker terminals at the amplifier. One pair of cables is connected to the speaker’s top (tweeter) terminals, one to the middle (mid-range and the other to the bottom (bass) terminals (negative to the black terminal and positive to the red terminal in each case).
  • If tri-wiring is not being used, (hopefully only a temporary measure) a link should made from the same type speaker cable that is being used to connect the speakers to the amplifier. Using this cable, the three positive terminals (red) should be connected together and the three negative terminals (black) should be connected together.
Configuration Three-way bass reflex enclosure using two 170mm hybrid Fibre glass/Nomex coned long throw Bass drivers (cast alloy frames), one 100mm cellulous fibre mid-range unit (cast alloy frame) and the same 35mm dual concentric tweeter that is used in the range topping Paragon.
Nominal Impedance 4 ohms
Power Handling Transient peaks in excess of 300 watts.
Average levels of 120 watts.
Sensitivity Transient peaks in excess of 150 Watts.
Average levels of 100 Watts.
Sensitivity 88dB input level of 2.83 Volts (1 Watt into 8ohms)
Frequency Response 38Hz to 40kHz ±3dB
Dimensions 1200H X 260W X 430D mm
Weight 45kg each
Finish Bubinga real wood veneer or Graphite (Metallic duco)
Warranty 5 Years





SKU P33iSigB
Shipping Weight 92.0000kg
Shipping Width 1.340m
Shipping Height 0.570m
Shipping Length 0.760m
5 Year Warranty

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