REK-O-KUT S-260 MkII 12" oil-damped audiophile transcription tonearm



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There are very few modern tonearms that actually have 16" transcription disc capacity. They cost many times the price of the S-260 MKII. This extra length also has advantages for the more common 12" LP records, in that there is less of a tracking error. Unlike many other other separate tonearms now being offered, the S-260 MKII utilizes removable headshells to facilitate switching cartridges and styli.It has precise tracking and anti-skating force adjustment, a damped cuing arm, and lower mass.

The S-260 MKII employs a silicon oil dampening system to reduce high frequency tonearm resonance and improve trackability with problem records. The effect of fluid damping is dynamic and mostly effective at higher frequencies. It is a fluid Below 5 Hz, but a brake above that. It reduces cantilever stress produced while riding up and down a warp. It produces very little resistance as the stylus follows a warp, but it reduces the intensity of arm resonance following such a shock. It reduces queue skipping at the beginning of a record. It reduces the sensitivity of a tonearm to external vibration. Thus, cleaner sound and less skips.

Type: 14.5 inch (total length), static balance, tubular, S-shaped
Effective Length: 12.01  inches
Effective Mass: 24 Grams
Resonance: 11 Hz
Spindle to Pivot Distance: 11.42 inches (290mm)
Overhang: 0.59 inches (15 mm)
Offset Angle: 19 degrees
Tracking Error: +1.42/ -0.97 degrees
Bearings: Steel ball bearings
Material: Aluminum, Magnesium
Dampening: Rubber
Finish: Matte Black
Horizontal and Vertical Sensitivity: 20 mg
Height Adjustment: 1.5 to 2.4 inches  (38 - 60 mm)
Tracking Force Calibration Range: 0 to 3 gm (for more force, turn weight past "0")
Anti Skating Range: 0 to 3 gm
Mounting Hole: 1-3/16 inches
Cartridge Weight Range: 4.0 to 24.0 gms
Headshell: Magnesium with oxygen-free copper Litz wire
Standard Cable included
Cable Capacitance: 225 pF
Cable Harness Length: 48 inches


Shipping Weight 2.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.360m
Shipping Height 0.110m
Shipping Length 0.140m
1 Year Warranty

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