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Any good £600 plus system deserves this top of the range cable. The improvements are to be noticed all areas of performance. In particular the cable gives outstanding clarity and power, along with an incredibly high level of detail. Most users discover music in their systems that they simply didn't know existed. A single length of this cable is ideal when used for bi-wiring. The audio cable may be cut to any required length and a simple guidance leaflet is provided for connecting the cable into systems.


- All wires are enclosed together in a black PVC sheath. The loudspeaker cable is reasonably flexible (similar to garden hose) and Stays in the shape it is bent. Measuring 15mm in diameter the cable is still acceptable to most users. One wrote "An excellent product worth every penny, not only a bit of wire but an esteemed part of my system"

- Ends consist of a 1.8mm diameter single solid wire.

- Directionality is marked on the cable.

- Each conductor individually screened

- Construction is four thick wires (each l.8mm diameter) and ten thin wires.

Note: - The thin wires do not need to be connected, so stripping is straightforward.

A Great valve amplifier cable

All versions of Soli-core cable are especially suited for Valve amplifiers due to the fact that these amps seem to prefer well designed solid core cables.

Soli-core loudspeaker cables - INTRODUCTION

SOLI-CORE's exceptional performance is based on unique and revolutionary developments. The result is a hi fi cable which outperforms other cables in a large number of systems (including other solid core designs and the specially developed stranded audiophile cables which use expensive manufacturing techniques). The performance is outstanding and yet the cost is within easy reach of anyone who wishes for a significant upgrade.

Loudspeaker cable design - THE BACKGROUND

What makes a good loudspeaker cable? It has been discovered that high frequency signals are best transmitted through "thin" wires while "thick" wires are more effective in the transmission of low frequencies. In order to achieve the best of both worlds conventional audio cables use thin wire strands collectively bunched together to form a "thick" wire. The weakness of this method lies in the unavoidable creation of non-linearities within the cable. It is these non-linearities along with a number of other factors, which consequently degrade the signal passing through a cable. In the past some steps were taken to improve matters by audio cable manufacturers.
For example:-
(a) Large cross-sectional area of stranded copper.
(b) High purity copper.
(c) Oxygen-free copper.
(d) Linear crystal structure in the copper (LC-OFC).
(e) Special insulation of the conducting wires (PTFE etc.).
(f) "Directionality" of the conductors.
(g) Special low inductance winding of copper strands.
(h) Pressure binding of the conductor strands to minimise minute vibration of the conductors.
(i) Silver plating of conductors.
(j) Litz cable (each strand is individually insulated).

However, while these factors generally improve stranded cable, notable weaknesses still remained. At first when the shift began away from heavily stranded cable to simple single strand solid core cable, there was a mixed response in the Hi-Fi world. Some extolled the virtues of solid core for its listenability. Others complained of less than satisfactory performance. This was probably due to one or more of the following reasons.
(1) Observing that top and bottom end extension is detrimentally affected by conventional solid core cable.
(2) Observing a loss in bass and midrange power over long cable lengths.
(3) Not setting up each wire in its directional bias.
(4) Noting that "thin" solid core seems lacking in good bass performance particularly when the volume is turned up or on inefficient speakers.
(5) Using a cable with a poor impedance match for the system concerned.


Now a major breakthrough has been achieved! The shortcomings which existed in conventional solid core cable have been addressed and overcome. SOLl-CORE possesses all the virtues of solid core loudspeaker cable throughout the whole frequency range, and outperforms conventional stranded cable in every respect. To achieve this remarkable performance SOLI-CORE has a unique construction of thick solid core wires and thin wires (which inhibit the loss of higher frequencies). Each wire is individually insulated and the thin wires are not connected (PAT.P). Additional features include:-
(a) Capability to tune the cable to your system (You will need TWO lengths of wire for each speaker if you use this option).
(b) Directionality set in the wire and labelled
(c) Optimum winding configuration
(d) Smart appearance
(e) Wire diameters selected to within O.O5mm dia
(f) Hidden factors

SOLI-CORE is primarily a speaker cable but also makes an excellent interconnect cable.


Shipping Weight 0.1500kg
Shipping Width 0.400m
Shipping Height 0.030m
Shipping Length 0.100m

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