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Origin Live have announces a breakthrough in interconnect technology, the design and production of a new external tonearm cable. The cable can be retro-fitted to most tonearms either by direct hard wiring or via a 5 din pin plug. The cable is also available as an outstanding interconnect cable between any Hi Fi components. Phonos or XLR fittings are offered.

Linear Flow 2 Interconnect Cable

Unshielded and Shielded versions



• Highly neutral and very system friendly
• Well defined bass and excellent overall tonal balance
• Superb musicality, transparency, seperation and dynamics


• Fully balanced
• Low inductance & impedance
• High purity copper stands
• Insulated with 4 high grade dielectrics
• Very high quality phono plugs

Linear Flow 1 Unshielded Cable

1 meter
EEC retail : £280.00

Non EEC retail : £243.48

1.5 meter pair
EEC retail : £310

Non EEC retail :£269.57

2 meter pair
EEC retail : £340.00

Non EEC retail :£295.65

Linear Flow 1 Shielded Cable

1 meter
EEC retail : £380.00

Non EEC retail :£330.44

1.5 meter pair
EEC retail : £410.00

Non EEC retail :£356.52

2 meter pair
EEC retail : £440.00

Non EEC retail :£382.61







































































































































General Information

Linear Flow 2 is an outstanding high performance design. Developed from years of accumalated experience and testing in this field, the cable embodies the best theory and practice.

The cable is a fully balanced design consisting of a twisted pair of leads to minimize inductance. It is unusual in employing a combination of over 5 dielectric insulators to ensure an even response across the audible frequency range. Great care has been taken to optimize key electrical characteristics such as impedance, inductance and capacitance. Experimentation with silver and silver plated strands was conducted but high purity copper was ultimately selected for it's more natural tonal balance.

If phono plugs are specified then Eichman Bullet plugs are fitted as standard. These plugs have an enviable reputation as one of the best available. XLR s can also be fitted to order.

When it comes to listening, the most obvious aspect of the new cable is the sheer tangibility of the sound. There is a completely new level of intimacy and expression added to everything. Vocals are incredibly realistic. Previously un-noticed background musical strands can be clearly followed due to the superb resolution and separation. The ringing and mush present in lesser cables is eliminated.

Unshielded & Shielded versions of Linear Flow 2 interconnect

Linear Flow 2 comes in 2 forms - Unshielded and Shielded. The Shielded form is superior to the unshielded version as it protects low level signals from the ever increasing RF interference present on the airwaves. Besides reduced noise levels the most obvious subjective benefit is a midrange clarity. However this is not the end of the story - definition throughout the range is improved along with increased seperation.

The screening consists of a 95% nickle plated copper braid shield with an attached earth lead.

All cables are offered with a no quibble money back guarantee if not impressed - this means you can compare the cables with no risk and confirm that you are getting the best available interconnect for your system.


Linear Flow 2 External tonearm cable

When used as a tonearm cable the influence of Laminar Flow 2 interconnect are the most obvious with truly spectacular improvements to every aspect of the music.

Even on inexpensive arms this upgrade is highly cost effective and out of all proportion to expectations. Initial owner comments are as follows

"The new laminar flow cable is phenomenal! I find it difficult to express just how significant the improvement it has made in all areas is. The music is tighter, more open and detailed, leading and trailing edges are more defined and the whole presentation is more life like and believable. This is without doubt the most significant upgrade at any cost point I have made to my system - ever."

Regards Steve
Dr Stephen F. Worrall. MD, FRCS, FDSRCS.

Next quote is from an owner of the new Linear flow 2 external cable (along with the new carbon hybrid tube upgrade for his Conqueror).

" I just wanted to say a big thank you to you & your team for the fantastic upgrade. I was not expecting such a large improvement & just wanted to let you know how much better my system sounds now. The first thing I noticed was how much lower the noise floor of my system has become (I didn’t think I had a problem with this but the new wiring loom has proved that there was noise present in my system). When the music started I was well shocked, the sound stage filled my whole room & as I carried on playing my records the biggest improvement was the sound of anything being hit, it just sounded so much better (the leading edge of any note is so much clearer) drums, triangles, bells, even the little’s hammers in a piano just sound so right now.

The only problem I have is trying to explain how much of an upgrade this is. I feel I cannot describe the vast improvements that have been added to every area of my system. Most people would not anticipate the level of upgrade to be made by just changing the output leads and arm tube.

Thanks from a very satisfied customer."
Jon - Hampshire.



Shipping Weight 0.5100kg
Shipping Width 0.300m
Shipping Height 0.050m
Shipping Length 0.250m

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