NAS SpaceDeck with tonearm, cartridge, base, power supply

Space tonearm, Kontrapunkt B, Mat1, Wave Mechanic

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Brian's comment.

We've had a few very good secondhand turntables over the last 15 years but arguably this is the best. This combination of components works together extremely well and for that reason we are reluctant to split it up. The overall condition is very good, the packaging provided is good enough for us to be confident that we can ship this unit to anywhere in Australia. If you are frustrated with trying to work out what is a superior vinyl replay system the hard work of matching components has been done for you. Nottingham Analogue Studio is a rather unusual manufacturer, in some respect their turntables look a bit "home built", but have a read of the many reviews to get an appreciation of their performance - and in particular their value for money. I don't come across many turntables in the same class as my Origin Live Calypso - this one is.


SPACEDECK:  One of our most popular turntables.  The 37mm platter is mounted onto its own chassis and runs on our classic bronze bearing.  The motor/pulley assembly is mounted in its own housing which sits separately from the turntable chassis, the only connection is the drive belt, this helps to avoid  audio resonances being transferred through the chassis of the turntable.

Soundstage review

SPACE ARM:  All Nottingham arms are a unipivot design. Unipivots are usually designed with the pivot sitting in a silicone bath. The problem with this design is that the silicone bath takes quite a while to settle down and so the arm will change in sound as it plays the record. Many unipivots also use offset stabilizer weights or eccentric counter weights to insure proper azimuth.

The Nottingham design uses side stabilizer bars and tiny ball bearing chases to maintain azimuth. Nottingham has also developed a proprietary damping material the viscosity of which is such that it does not flow and does not require “settling time”. This material is applied to the center pivot and the stabilizer bars. Nottingham uses carbon fibre tubes with the fibres oriented the length of the tone arm not wrapped around it (like a bandage). This greatly increases the strength, resonance control and rigidity of the arm. Nottingham also uses an unusual headshell design. The headshell has an orientation that is in direct line with the tone arm and not offset in any way. The headshell also has no finger lift. These two features insure that the arm is properly balanced from side to side and that no uncontrolled resonances are running around the headshell.

Ortofon Kontrapunkt "b" MC cartridge

The Kontrapunkt "b" model is special in having a very thin Ruby cantilever mounted with the super polished nude FG 80 stylus

The coils are made from 6-Nines pure silver wire, and the output is as high as 470µVolt at 5 cm/sec. by 1 kHz. Compared to MC Jubilee the sound picture is more open, grandiose and dynamic with a very present perspective

The musical performance of the Kontrapunkt "b" depends on the equipment, the room and the music program. Also variations of the resistive load can influence sound image to some extend, where higher values around 100-200 Ohm will open details further. But no less than 10 Ohm will tighten the sound image.

The cartridge seems to work well in small, soft rooms with loudspeakers having moderate tweeters.

The Mat 1

Machined from pure carbon and finished by hand, the Mat 1 has been praised by audiophiles worldwide for helping them uncover more detail, nuance and music than they ever thought possible from their hi-fi. For less than the cost of an entry-level MM cartridge, owners of tables from Linn, Rega, VPI, Nottingham, Garrard, Kuzuma, Basis, and countless others have discovered how easy it is to take their tables to the next level.

The Mat 1 is a direct replacement for any turntable Mat. Through the use of pure carbon and proprietary tuning techniques, the Mat 1 offers a unique acoustical impedance ideally suited to the platter/vinyl interface. Please read our white paper for more information on the technology behind the Mat 1.

Users notice a marked increase in resolution, microdynamics and clarity. Sometimes it's startling... as if someone turned up the volume. But most importantly, these gains are not achieved at the expense of a natural, musical presentation - there's nothing sterile about the gains achieved with the Mat 1. In fact, many customers report that the mat helps them enjoy all kinds of music - not just the same reference recordings. Music flows more easily with a greater sense of ease and texture. You truly have to hear the Mat 1 to understand the benefits it offers.  

The Wave Mechanic generates a clean and stable AC signal, improving the performance of any Nottingham turntable. Optional on most models, a version of the Wave Mechanic is included with the Dais.

Comes complete with country specific mains lead, IEC connector, strobe disc and hand held strobe.




Shipping Weight 27.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.570m
Shipping Height 0.450m
Shipping Length 0.470m
Shipping Cubic 0.120555m3

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