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Use the Ovation Signature mat for audio as well as video replay, with all drawer loading and top loading transports, playing CD, SACD, DVD, or Blu-ray.

Marigo Labs
Manufacturer of Audio/Video cables, power conditioner and other tuning products from Portland, Oregon has been around for many years. The MARIGO AUDIO CD MAT for CD & DVD utilizes a revolutionary and proprietary gold surface on top of anti-static black coating and optically absorbent green. This synergistically creates a new level of performance for both audio and video digital replay.

With the MARIGO AUDIO CD MAT in a CD transport or a DVD player, you will see and hear a dramatic improvement. Inner detail, resolution, and ambient information is enhanced tremendously in audio replay. The harmonic structure of instruments and human voice are revealed to be strikingly more lifelike.

NEW! Now brand new introducing: OVATION HD SIGNATURE CD-Mat. New resonance control, static dissipation and shielding technologies work synergistically together to create a significantly higher level of digital performance. You will be amazed by the dramatic improvement in dimensonality, resolution, bass definition, high frequency purity and ambient information retrieval.

This new CD mat can lift your system to a completely new level - indispensable!    


Key features:


  • 4 years in development, a powerful proprietary composite material has been created using an embedded carbon nano-tube structure which dramatically reduces the level of disc vibration
  • Unique hand laid-up polarizing filaments create tremendously rapid vibrational energy decay


  • Micro-thin metallic coating dissipates static build-up

    Simply place the OVATION HD CD-mat on top of an optical disc, with either side against the disc in a transport drawer or top loading mechanism, follow the instruction for correct alignmant, press play and enjoy your digital disk collection new with details never heard before.

    Hear what truly minimizing disc vibration can do for the sound.

    In video replay, the MARIGO AUDIO OVATION HD SIGNATURE CD-Mat greatly enhances picture detail and dimensionality. You will experience an involving 3-D video performance as never before.

    The comments below relate to the previous versions of the Marigo CD mats.

    Customer feedback:
    "...this Marigo CD V2 mat is indespensible! I don't know how it works, but it is astonishing."

    The Absolute Sound magazine 2006 Editor's Choice Award by Harry Pearson.

    Some more reviews:

    "...the last word in tweaks to go on top of or around your optical discs!"

    "...I have tried the Marigo Labs Signature 3-D mat on a number of boom boxes and rack systems from different manufacturers. Without fail, it has transformed shallow sounding devices into systems capable of far greater color and musicality. It makes every system I’ve tried it on sound as though it cost at least twice as much."

    "...Every level of player I've tried the Marigo Audio Signature Mat in, including five figure transports and players, the Signature Mat has taken the listening expierience to another level..."

    "Voices and instruments transformed from flat, mono-dimensional presentations to rounded sonic images that bore a far greater resemblance to the real thing. You could feel the presence of the drum, the roundness of the strings, and the different layers of undertones and overtones that comprise the human voice..."

    "Equally striking was the additional air and depth. Voice and instruments were now realistically separated, resonating in different acoustic planes rather than sounding crammed together in mono-dimensional space. There is far more life to highs, and significantly more details to the entire presentation..."

    "The transformation was everything but subtle. It made all the difference in the world..."

    David Allcock HIFI CHOICE:
    "... The Marigo Signature 3-D v2 mat moved recordings torwards an analogue presentation, exhibiting greater fluidity and subtlety. Not only were vocals brought forward into the room but they were also far more natural and realistic. The soundstage was also a shocker, it simply walked straight through my side walls, with instruments accurately focused beyond the outer edge of the room, populted with solid, belivable images. The spaces between instruments was also clearly deined which had the effect of heightening the believability of the overall recording. The biggest improvement I found was the reduction in hardness andd edginess to the notes."

    "Vocals positively flowed into the room from the speakers. They were far more solidly rendered on the soundstage than in any of the other mats, with a real palpability and body to the vocal performance. The bass also opened up siginificantly more than with any other mat used in this test. This resulted in allowing me to hear right into the mix, it became easy to discriminate between the sonic contributiors to the overall recording, and like the other mats, the noise floor level was lowered, but in this case significantly. It was slightly larger, but it was the silence between the musicians that the greatest change could be heard, giving a sense of being able to walk amongst the musicians...."

    "The Signature 3-D mat brought increased low bass support, made the strings tone more silky and achieved much improved soundstage depth. There were added harmonics to fill out the sonic picture of the harpsichord and it no longer sounded slightly muffled. I play and own a harpsichord so I'm familiar with what it should sound like."


    Read the CD mat group test from AudiophileCandy, compairing 5 CD mats - SID, Marigo, Statmat and Ringmat.    



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1 Year Warranty

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