IN THE GROOVE record cleaner

Perfect for removing dust just prior to playing a record

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In the Groove - A New Revolutionary Record Cleaning Tool

In the Groove Gets Dirt and Debris OUT of the Grooves.

 No chemicals or refills necessary

In The Groove is a new ingenious record cleaning roller. Its patented material was designed by a surgeon for use in the operating room to keep surgical instruments close at hand. The material has then been repurposed as one of the coolest record cleaning tools ever designed. The soft, sticky substance sinks deep down into the grooves, pulling out years of debris and removing ticks and pops from your vinyl. Place any LP on a flat surface and roll In The Groove on the record following the grooves. No fluids or cleaning agents needed. When it gets dirty, just rinse it off under the tap and blot it dry with a paper towel. The sticky surface will be good as new. 

Also brilliant on flat screens like iPads, mobile phones, computer and laptops and TVs.

Lasts forever!  Just rinse under the tap and dry with paper towel.

It’s as good as new. 

And you don't need any cleaning chemicals! 

Our highest recommendation for an entry-level record cleaning tool!




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If you own a turntable you most likely need this

13 May 2017
So, I've used brushes and pads for cleaning for years and they never do the job right. They need liquid to work best but the felt cleaners don't abosrb it enough to play straight after and the felt and fibre brushes never get deep into the groove or get rid of hard to displace debris. This roller cleaner is the bomb. Doing research before buying it I stumbled onto reviews of other similar cleaners by different manufacturers, apparently some leave sticky residue or have other issues. Not the case with the In the Groove cleaner! My records are all quite hairy and dirty after never upgrading sleeves (some sitting in outers without inners) until recently, having pets in the house and smoking/generally dusty areas to play music in. I was at the stage where I felt so bad for my styli that I would often not play new purchases, with the idea of 'waiting until I could afford a decent manual wet or vacuum record cleaner like the Nitty Gritty or similar'. This roller has finally got me out of the rut of waiting. While it isn't as great as I suppose a fancier cleaner is, this is THE go to cleaner for DJing, general playback and after playback. I can imagine even when I get a 'proper' wet/vacuum record cleaner I will still be using this after every play, because those bigger cleaners aren't something you probably feel like spending 5-10 minutes using before and after every single play.. with this, I pretty much don't touch my felt or carbon fibre brushes any more.. also should mention, I've managed to drop the In The Groove cleaner a bunch of times and the hard plastic shell still hasn't broken - keeping the roller clean from my smoke, pet hair etc. Seriously for such a cheap price, this has enhanced my enjoyment and decreased my worry in playing vinyl records to a huge degree. I absolutely love this cleaner and cannot recommend enough! If you have a felt or fibre cleaner - try this with or instead. I guarantee you will be surprised with the speed, its efficiency and low cost. 5 stars 10/10 - every person with a record player needs this.

Best so far

By: on 17 July 2016
This device does what it claims. Removes all surface dust and also quite a lot of deposits that have been worked into the groove. Cleans up well under running water. A great aid to keeping grooves clean between wet cleans.

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