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Super KT 90′s or KT120′s in Parallel Push Pull

Designed in Leicester by David Shaw, founder of Icon Audio. Following on the heels of the acclaimed MB845s, the new MB150s are a 3 stage design, the front end is inspired by the Leak “TL” designs. Icon Audio have used the older bigger 6SN7 driver valves from the early 1940’s. These have a reputation for a richer more textured sound, reliability, and a very long life. This combination of traditional design, excellent valves, audiophile components, hard wired, no printed circuit boards, custom wound transformers, massive choke regulated power supply with beautiful looks all add up to a stunning combination!

The power output stage uses the super GEC KT90/120 design probably the greatest all round hi fi valve, operating in both “Ultralinear”(150w) and Triode mode (100w) to give the maximum choice of operating conditions. Effectively giving you two amplifiers in one! 150 watts of valve power is easily comparable with 300 watts of transistor power and will drive almost any sensitivity of speakers well, leaving plenty of headroom for dynamics and low distortion. The large custom wound transformers are able to deliver very deep bass notes and smooth clean treble.

Close attention has been paid to the large power supply using eight large capacitors and a large “choke” in a traditional “Pi” configuration. This gives very low source impedance with a huge reserve of power available for large transients without clipping.

This combination gives a very smooth and detailed sound stage which works well to bring out the colour and texture of older recordings and whilst not overemphasising the harshness of many modern digital recordings. This makes for a very easy to live with amplifier that has the power to control modern speakers.

DID YOU KNOW:   Two KT90s in class AB1 produce as much “Class A” as a pair of KT66/300Bs in pure class A, but more than twice the power in AB1. And their low idle current causes much less stress  on the tube as it is less than 50% of the maximum rating! Preserving tube life.

Surprisingly from such big amplifiers is how well they perform at low powers. Their agility and detailed texture of strings and vocals is quite astounding.

A feature of the MB150s is the high and low sensitivity. This enables MB150ss to work with both “Passive” and conventional pre amplifiers. This is not done by the usual attenuation which increases noise and reduces quality, but genuinely changes the sensitivity (or gain) of the input.

Another feature of the MB150s is the power saving “Warm up/Standby” switch. This prevents valve cathode stripping during start-up and enables the amplifier to remain in standby on low power without wasting valuable valve life or electricity (only 50w). The amplifiers will then start instantly, fully warmed up.

The brand new design features painted heavy gauge steel chassis, 9.5 mm solid alloy front panel. And their famous Plexiglas valve cover creates a stunning visual impression. On the scales at 44Kg (pair) this amplifier is no lightweight in quality or performance and should give many years of excellent service.

As each amplifier is prepared in Leicester, Icon Audio can offer a range of upgrades including their unique HT delay, premium and “new old stock” valves, the superb Jensen Copper foil “oil in paper” capacitors.

As a small company Icon Audio make customer service a priority. Valve amplifiers do need a little more TLC than transistors. They will need a valve change every few years but the sonic benefits are more than worth it. When re-valved, you get a new pair of amplifiers again!
An Icon engineer is always on hand at the end of the phone or by email to help you get best out of your amplifier

Total Peace of mind service!

When you buy an Icon Audio product, you get:

•  A UK 230-240v specification product. 

•  A comprehensive manual to tell you everything you need to know, including how to check the performance & how to check and change valves.

•  UK service dept with skilled engineers that know how your product should sound!

•  Full back up of spares in stock

•  Free valve testing for customers

•  Free telephone or email advice

In Leicester each amplifier is carefully checked valved and tweaked, plus any custom modifications added as required, before undergoing over 20 rigorous tests in all its important static & dynamic parameters.  Each amplifier is run for 12 hours to allow the valves to “bed in“. Finally it is checked again before carefully packing. Only this process ensures that each and every amplifier sounds as good as it should.

Specifications and Features

•  Comprehensive manual supplied

•  Full instructions for valve change included

•  All hand wired point to point

•  No printed circuit board to ‘colour’ sound

•  Class A, all Triode front end

•  Output circuit Ultralinear or Triode switchable*

•  8x KT90/KT120′s precisely matched for best performance

•  4x 6SN7 phase inverter valves

•  Standby switch to prevent cathode stripping on startup

•  Standby switch to save valve life and power.

•  Optional automatic HT delay to prevent cathode stripping

•  150w RMS continuous per channel

•  100 Watts RMS in Triode mode

•  Signal to noise level -100db

•  Freq response better than 20hz-20kHz +0 – 0.5db

•  Total harmonic distortion typically less than 0.1% 1khz

•  4 & 8 ohm loudspeaker taps

•  Japanese steel EI transformers with low oxygen copper

•  Attractive valve cover included in the price

•  High quality 2W metal film, & wire-wound resistors

•  Blue LED mains indicator

•  Polypropylene audio capacitors

•  Silver PTFE audio cable

•  Custom hand wound output transformers

•  Big custom wound PSU Choke

•  Ceramic valve holders for minimum leakage

•  Centre tapped heater circuit for minimum hum

•  ‘Soft start’ device incorporated

•  Gold plated Input & speaker terminals

•  400mv (high) & 1200mv (low) input sensitivity.

•  230/240volts approx (115v available)

•  Consumption: 60w standby, 130w quiescent, 300w Max

•  CE, ROHS, WEEE compliant where applicable

•  Size in mm W200, D523 (560 overall), H195 (218 inc

cover), 22kg ea.

(For shipping cm: 36x32x66 (2) 25x31x42 52kg)


KT90 Parallel Mono Blocks Leaflet


Shipping Weight 52.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.660m
Shipping Height 0.350m
Shipping Length 0.700m

1 Year Warranty

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