GRAHAM SLEE Spatia speaker links (2 pairs)



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Low memory makes the Spatia the most "magical" sounding speaker cable you'll ever hear — Spatia Links go the extra mile!


If you don't bi-wire or bi-amp you can still improve your dual terminal speaker's performance by using Spatia Links in place of the existing links.


You owe it to your amp and speakers!

Music consists of rapid changes in asymmetrical waveforms which due to capacitance are remembered by cables and confuse the spatiality, upsetting the sound stage and often altering tonality.

The Spatia is a low memory speaker cable. The two wires of a speaker cable are in-effect two drawn out metallic plates with insulation separating them - the equivalent of a capacitor.

Cables are very much like capacitors where the insulation which spaces the plates apart is known as dielectric - a scientific way of saying insulation - the insulation between and surrounding the plates.

Dielectric quality affects how quickly a capacitor can 'forget' its charge and swap direction to the next charge. Music being comprised of rapidly changing complex asymmetrical waveforms at multiple frequencies all at once (bass notes included) will be distorted and highly coloured if the cable dielectric isn't fast like the Spatia.

And because you read so much about speaker cables you know other manufacturers are preoccupied with everything but dielectric quality - that is if they've ever heard about it?

Therefore you know the Graham Slee Spatia is already something special.

Dielectric quality could also be affected by lay direction and the Spatia subtly suggests to the user the direction of best subjective results under its braided covering. The unobtrusive blue marker goes to the amp end.

At only 80pf per metre its low capacity makes it safe for use with really fussy amplifiers!


Shipping Weight 0.0300kg
Shipping Width 0.150m
Shipping Height 0.015m
Shipping Length 0.130m

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