GRAHAM SLEE Lautus USB Audio Interconnect 3m

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The Lautus USB audio cable cleans and shapes up USB audio data like no other USB audio cable.

Computers are powered by switched-mode power supplies which produce direct current by rectifying high frequency noise.

No matter how well filtered by the capacitors in the power supply or the voltage regulators, that high frequency noise still gets through and pollutes the audio data from your computer.

Audio data comprises of fast 'highs' and 'lows' - it's sent much faster than printer data - and if there's noise on the audio data 'highs' can become 'lows' and 'lows' can become 'highs' ruining the high fidelity of the audio data.

By cleaning and shaping the audio data with its precisely positioned and tuned magnetic filter, the Lautus USB audio cable gives you much greater fidelity.

[Lautus USB] Impressive response seen in bass like never before. Lows now go very deep, and are full bodied & very accurate when heard on K702. . . The level of details & transparency. The Lautus simply disappears from the chain, simply delivering an extremely clean and very transparent signal to the DAC. Due to this, a lot of power is being saved at volume knob, previously I used listen to my headphones at 12 o’ clock on volume knob, and now I feel same level of loudness is achieved a little earlier. . . Especially Depth & layering have increased. Increment in imaging, & placements across all frequencies when heard on high end headphones. These improvements are at the margin of about 20-30% more when compared to basic or stock cables. . . The Lautus USB cable from Graham Slee is a very well performing and well built cable, which serves its objective of delivering the signals from end-to-end with superior transparency. This cable is a great introduction to the sonic upgrades caused by well performing cables.
- Head-Fi, June 2015

I also connected the Lautus USB cable into my old equipment to have a direct comparison with my old cable. O Boy, I had expected a very good cable, but this cable is spectacular. It is almost incredible. And, so you just know, I am comparing it with a well known supposed to be very high end USB cable. The Lautus is an absolute bargain if you ask me for my opinion. I am going to order a second cable.
- forum member: Humboldt

A generic USB cable in place of the Lautus USB throttled the sound. In comparison it had softened dynamics and constricted depth, along with veiled detail. Going direct to the Bitzie with a generic cable would still provide a quality jump over computer sound cards, but the Lautus allowed it to perform at its best, and the Bitzie bundle with the Lautus should be heavily promoted!
- forum member: morris_minor


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