GRAHAM SLEE Lautus RCA to XLR interconnects (1.5m pair)



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So you still think you could be getting a more dynamic feel – a larger sound stage – deeper bass? But you're all spent up having bought all our great audio products. What do you do?

Firstly let us assure you our equipment isn't standing in your way, but the proliferation of high frequencies way beyond the audio spectrum most likely is!

Think about it — there are more broadcasts, more wi-fi, more mobile phones than ever in history! They're all electro-magnetically incompatible with your listening pleasure!

Enter the Lautus! An audio interconnect designed to be the antidote for the modern age and bring your music back to life.

For a full explanation please take this link to Graham Slee's website.


The Lautus is available phono to XLR as pictured right.


This interconnect is configured for use where the source has phono jacks and the receiving equipment is balanced, wired to the standard XLR convention. It is recommended for the connection of a single sided source to the Proprius mono-block power amplifiers, where it provides the necessary "short" across the unused input phase.


High quality Neutrik XLR (male) plugs are used featuring gold plated contacts, a hard wearing black coated finish and colour coded strain relief clamps for channel ID.


Available as "dual mono" only.


These cables must not be used for outputs from XLR equipped products using contra-convention connections.


Lautus Specification (except Lautus USB)

Note: the position of the antinode attenuators will differ depending on the length of the cable.

  • Coax stock cable diameter: 6.5mm
  • Sheathed diameter: 10mm
  • Inner conductor: 1mm diameter solid soft annealed copper; DC resistance: 0.026 Ohms per metre
  • Shield: Annealed copper braid over 100% copper foil wrap; DC resistance: 0.015 Ohms per metre
  • Jacket: PVC
  • Dielectric: 5 cell semi air-spaced
  • Dielectric constant: 1.49
  • Velocity ratio: 0.82 (82%)
  • Capacitance: 55pf per metre
  • Characteristic impedance: 75 Ohms
  • Shielding efficiency: Better than 65dB
  • Lay-up "stereo": Side by side pair overall flexible PVC braided with welded ends
  • Lay-up "dual-mono": Separated stereo pair overall flexible PVC braided with welded ends
  • Direction: Marked
  • Min safe bend diameter: 150mm (6 in)
  • Phono terminations: Locking phono (RCA) plugs with gold plated contacts


Shipping Weight 0.3500kg
Shipping Width 0.350m
Shipping Height 0.260m
Shipping Length 0.020m
2 Year Warranty

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