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This is the complete pack of Disc Doctor products to enable you to keep your vinyl records in good condition.  Includes brushes, fluid, and stylus cleaner. NOW ALSO INCLUDES THE IN THE GROOVE ROLLER CLEANER AND A CLEANING WORK MAT. Save over $40.00 compared to buying the items separately.

An ideal gift!  

Please Note: To minimise postage the fluid is supplied in a highly concentrated form and you need to add distilled water to top up the bottle. It then is further diluted into the smaller bottle before using.

Includes a pint of the extra strength Miracle Record Cleaner fluid. You can dilute this by a third (2 parts cleaner to 1 part distilled water) for LPs in average condition, using the handy 100ml dispensing bottle which is supplied. 

Secondly, there's the two specially designed cleaning brushes. One is used for applying the cleaner and scrubbing the LP. The second brush is used to rinse the LP with distilled water. The Cleaning Work Mat provides a convenient work surface.

Finally, there's the Stylus Fluid and special brush, to keep the stylus absolutely crystal clean.

The additional things you need are a bottle of distilled water, and a rack to stand the records in while they are drying.

The In the Groove Record Cleaner is for removing loose dust and fluff just before you play a record. It's also useful for cleaning screens of TVs, computers, phones, iPads etc.



"We'll get to the cleaning fluid momentarily- I've got to say up front that the Disc Doctor's Brush is simply the best designed device for cleaning records I've ever seen or used." ........

"This simple procedure cleaned the records marvelously."

"Manual cleaning is effective and economical, especially for the occasional new acquisition. .... If you want to clean your whole collection and you will, when you hear the improvement), you'll still want a machine. The manual procedure is easily adapted [to machine use]....."

"I've cleaned several dozen records with the Disc Doctor system, and I'd find it hard to settle for less, let alone a CD version of a vintage performance. Even records previously cleaned by other means were improved.... We're talking increases in clarity and definition not unlike a cartridge, cable, or pre-amp upgrade in many instances. And the stylus stayed clean.

A "Miracle Record Cleaner"? Perhaps not, but then I haven't located a reliable source for distilled Holy Water yet, either. What does seem miraculous, in this day of overpriced tweaks and magic dots, is discovering a state-of-the-art product, affordably priced, thoroughly engineered, and invaluable to both the impecunious collector of obscure recordings and the affluent audiophile with a reference quality system."






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Best in the business

By: on 24 September 2012
The Disc Doctor kit is fabulous and I think the brushes are the best obtainable. I have also purchased a Nitty Gritter cleaner which is easier and less messier to use but doesn't clean as well as the Disc Doctor manual method.

Well worth the price

By: on 24 September 2012
Hi Brian, I have just tried the disc washer (DD Complete Kit) at first I thought it was over priced. After using it, what can I say? Brilliant ......... experimented on a couple of records the difference in sound is incredible. kind regards

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